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Ask the audience…

10 points if you know where that reference is from. For the rest of you, here’s a hint…

I’m going to seek a little audience feedback tonight.

First, check out the design of my other blog. I’m considering redesigning this one to look more like that. I think it’s cleaner and less cluttered than this one is. Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

Second, I’m working on a post about why Southerners have a tough time driving in the snow and ice. I asked about it on my personal Facebook page and got a couple of answers, but if anyone reading has any feedback or pictures, leave me a comment. Also, if you have a blog, leave the address, and I’ll link to it.

Third, what are some of your favorite pick-me-ups? I’ve been a little (okay, a lot) moody lately, and I have a little bit of a funk that I’m having trouble shaking off. I’m sure the 900 years of sickness we’ve had hasn’t helped either. Bonus points if your suggestions are free or really inexpensive. I will probably write about these ideas too, so again, leave a link if you want credit.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight!

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Little Letters : January 2018


Dear sickness,

Leave our house. Now. Seriously. We have gone through bronchitis, upper respiratory stuff, a “flulike virus,” and a cold. We are good for the year. Bye now.

Dear Will,

Sorry I’ve been such a crabby patty lately. Being trapped in the house with all of the sick germs has not made me the nicest person. Thanks for putting up with me!

Dear Charlotte,

I hope you’re on the mend! Trying to reason with a toddler about why I’m wiping her nose and putting ear drops in is…not fun.

Dear Koopa,

Stop trying to eat things that aren’t yours. Especially used tissues. That’s just gross, dude.

Dear snow,

You’re beautiful. Thank you for the days home from work, even if it has felt like a germ-infested prison at times. I’d rather be safe and warm with my snotty family than trying to drive through your aftermath!

Dear weather,

It’s going to be 18 tomorrow and 61 by this weekend?!? If you give anyone in this house a sinus infection, so help me…

Dear planner,

Sorry for abandoning you lately. If work gets called off again tomorrow, let’s spend some time together, shall we?

Dear Wiggles,

Thank you for being Charlotte’s favorite thing ever. Let’s work on getting some more seasons on Hulu, please and thank you!

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Six reasons I don’t make New Year’s resolutions

Today’s prompt on The Blended Blog asked about whether or not people make resolutions and what they are. I wrote about it very briefly during last week’s linkup, but I thought I would talk more about why resolutions don’t work for me.

Black and white clock face with black writing in foreground that says six reasons why I don't make New Year's Resolutions

Reason 1 – I have an all or nothing mentality

If I break a resolution, I don’t just brush myself off and carry on. I figure that everything is already shot and veer way, way into the other direction. For example, if I say I’m not going to eat dessert at night, and then somehow one night I find that I’ve had a little dessert, that will turn into me eating every single dessert type item that we have in our house. I’m working on having more balance and less all or nothingness, but this is the biggest reason I no longer make resolutions.

Reason 2 – If I say I’m going to deprive myself of something, then that’s all I want

I’m sure other people can relate, but let’s use the dessert example again for those who may not follow. If I say, “Amber, you can have dessert whenever you want to,” then I may eat it a few nights in a row, and then not eat anything sweet at night for a couple of weeks. However, If I say, “Amber, no more desserts for you,” then guess what dominates my thinking and is the only thing I can focus on? Hmm, I think I’m starting to figure out why I’ve been not-so-successful during my three Whole 30 attempts.

Reason 3 – I try to change too many things at once

Instead of making a couple of resolutions to change some sustainable things, my resolutions list usually looks like a lifetime wish list – lose x amount of weight, save ten million dollars, don’t eat any dessert, eat twelve servings of vegetables and drink seven gallons of water a day, walk six miles before breakfast, get up early and meditate, don’t lose my temper with my family, be on time to everything (uh, maybe that one isn’t so bad)…and the list goes on and on. I read an article that said there are people that do all of these things, but they had to work up to it. They had one habit in place before they worked on the next one. That seems so simple yet so obvious!

Reason 4 – I get upset if I don’t start everything exactly the right way on January 1

I’m very literal sometimes, so if I don’t start all of my resolutions on January 1 and have 100% success that day, then I feel like everything has been wasted (see the all or nothing mentality explanation above). The truth is, January 1 is still kind of the holiday season. Most of us are off work still, and if you went to a New Year’s Eve party like we did, then you’ll probably be dragging butt on the first. Not the best time to decide to get up at 5:30 AM for some meditation and six miles of walking! I’m a sucker for the concept of a fresh start at the beginning of a new year, but January 1 just doesn’t work out for me sometimes!

Reason 5 – I never give my resolutions any action plans

My resolutions are usually just a list of behaviors that I want to try to improve without any actions or goals attached to them. Sure, they look great on paper, but there is no way to accomplish them if I don’t have any kind of plan, especially for the days when I’m tired, things don’t start the way I want them to, I don’t feel well, or any of the other things interfere that cause me to get off track. Since I don’t set goals, I don’t have accountability to myself or my resolutions, so it’s easy to let them fade away sometimes around mid-January.

Reason 6 – I beat myself up when – not if – I fail

I’m going to fail. It’s inevitable. I don’t say that to be negative, but there are going to be setbacks and failures along the path of achieving success in any area. Instead of taking that into account, if I fail at a resolution, then I automatically think I’m a failure in many other areas (bet you didn’t know you were going to learn this much about me in this post…). If I make goals instead of grand, sweeping resolutions and declarations, then I can account for those times when things might not go my way. I can have a plan for when I get off track, and I can pick things up instead of jumping ship.

Do you make resolutions? If so, what has helped you to be successful in keeping them? Also, if you have any goal-setting tips or resources, I would love to hear them!

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Seven Sunday Sites

In honor of tomorrow being Martin Luther King Day, here is the transcript to his most well-known speech. We still have a lot of work to do in this country.

Teens are daring each other to eat laundry detergent pods. I thought having to keep my kid from eating non-food items wouldn’t be an issue after she grew out of the toddler stage. I guess I was wrong…

Walmart has raised their minimum wage, which is great, but in the process, many of their Sam’s Club stores are closing. If you’re a Sam’s Club shopper like we are, make sure your local store isn’t closing.

Since the Tennessee Titans lost to the team that must not be named, professional football is dead to me for the season (well, until the halftime show of the big game because that’s all that really matters…), I’m turning my attention to the Winter Olympics! Figure skaters can now use music with lyrics, and I’m way more ridiculously excited about that than I should be!

Side note – this would be my figure skating song, for the title alone. Also, this video is really intriguing!My

I’ve heard of the concept of the fourth trimester used in conjunction with a baby’s first three months of life. Andrea Dekker talks about that in a recent blog post, but she also shows how the concept can be applied to other transitions in life. Interesting idea!

I used to be a pretty big fan of the TV show The Amazing Race, but I haven’t watched it in a while. However, my mom told me that competitive eater Joey Chestnut is on it this season. His teammate is also a competitive eater! I have a strange fascination with competitive eating, so I’m going to try to watch them to see what they look like when they don’t have a mouth full of hot dogs…

I held out on getting a puffy vest for a while because I call them “mom vests” (yes, I know that I’m a mom. But I never pictured myself as a vest mom). When I finally got one, I was surprised at how warm it was! Now, I am the owner of not one but two vests and needed ideas on how to wear them. Luckily, Laura has over 50 different ways to wear vests on her blog! File this under things I never thought I would be so excited about (that could be the theme of three out of seven of these sites. I’ll let you guess which ones…).

Have a great week!

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My Week in Review (January 7 – 13)

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time to look back in the blog archives and see what I posted during these days in the past!






Nothing! Starting to sense a theme here…


Nothing! Wow…


I finally have some content to link to! Phew! During this week in 2014, I wrote about my one word for 2014, and I wrote about the best things about winter. Since it’s icy and snowy and cold outside right now, I need to revisit this one!


A semi-pointless post about why I hadn’t blogged yet in 2015. I’m thinking about cleaning up posts like this and just keeping my gold star posts on here. Thoughts?


Nothing! Okay, this is definitely one of my slowest weeks for writing!


Charlotte’s 8 month update. Oh. My. Word. Pardon me while I get all misty-eyed about how this was only a year ago but seems like it was so much longer. I miss the monthly updates because she’s growing so fast. Dang it, Amber, you should’ve kept doing them!


Posts every single dayyyyyy. Take that 2010-2013 and 2016!

Offline, it’s been a heck of a week. I’ve been fighting crud, and unfortunately, Will and Char have it now too. Plus, we got some ice and snow yesterday, so we’re home bound since we’re both Southerners who don’t drive so well on icy roads. I usually love being at home, but I think since none of us are feeling our best, we’re a little stir crazy!

Picture of the Week:

Two pictures this week because I couldn’t choose my favorite!

The first one is from 2016 and is what Koopa used to do whenever we were in the kitchen since he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen at our old house. It cracks me up because I can read his mind – “uh, can I have a bite of that?”


The second one is also from 2016 and was from our ultrasound of Charlotte! We actually had to get two anatomy scans because she wouldn’t show her face the first time. I should’ve known that would be an indicator of how stubborn she can be! Don’t you love the hand under the chin?


Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy!