Sentence A Day : March 2020

I haven’t participated in this since July 2018! Wow, I didn’t realize it had been so long! Let’s get back to it, and then abandon it again for nearly two years. Ha! I missed a few days of sentences, so fill in those days with any cool sentence that you want to!

1 – A new month and new possibilities!

2 – Char and I both got new glasses on Friday, and I need mine adjusted because the earpiece is digging into the side of my head!

3 – Tornadoes hit the Nashville area around 1 AM; we were spared from any damage and just had a power outage, which makes us feel so thankful!!

4 – Seeing the damage to the local area on the news today makes my heart sink; our former junior high and one of the elementary schools I went to are completely destroyed. The electricity came on again around 5 PM.

5 – Char stood on a skateboard that a girl in Dunkin Donuts had, and she was so proud of herself!

6 – Target with the family and Panera girls night!

7 – Forgot to write my sentence today!

8 – Forgot to write my sentence today!

9 – Happy 7th anniversary, Will!! I love you!! (Yeah, two sentences…I think I earned an extra one today!)

10 – Day home after going to get a haircut, glasses adjusted, and a couple of places with Char yesterday!

11 – Char got her second haircut today and looks so stinking cute!!

12 – Another day at home today!

13 – Friday the 13th…ooh spooky…lol

14 – Char sleepover with my parents, and Will and I went grocery shopping for our date night!

15 – Will and I got a lot of housework done today, thanks to the 90s Alternative Station on Amazon Music!

16 – Char and I are staying home as much as we can, but unfortunately Will still has to work.

17 – Taught Charli that you have to wear green on this day, or you will get pinched; this concept works better when you’re not minimizing human contact!

18 – Charli and I baked and decorated a cake today; I won’t quit my day job…

19 – Char and I went to my parents’ house today and spent time on their screen porch since the weather was nice.

20 – Will is going to be off work for the next two weeks while his job runs on a skeleton crew.

21 – Char is having a sleepover with my parents, so Will and I did what any adults with a child-free night would do…rented Lego Batman on Amazon Prime! 😉

22 – We slept super late this morning, and it was fantastic!

23 – Another week of being home, but with Will here also!

24 – Lots of playing and not lots of housework…oops…

25 – Charli suckered my parents into a sleepover, so I finished Love is Blind and stayed up waaaaay too late!


27 – Char and I stayed outside for several hours today, and it was fantastic!!!

28 – Happy anniversary to my parents!

29 – Beautiful weather today and house cleaning helped me feel a little less blah than I have been!

30 – Today was a rough day, and I felt really discouraged for most of the day.

31 – Happy birthday to Will and Koopa!!

Here’s hoping to a better April! Linking up (prematurely) with Leslie!

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Currently : April 2020

Another month, another list of prompts from Anne In Residence!

Sharing : Websites that I’ve stumbled across lately and memes related to the virus and Love is Blind, such as the delightful one below…

Writing : My morning pages! (more explanation about this in the post I linked to above). I just started this morning, but I did it, so it totally counts as a response to this prompt, right?

Wishing : That the national government would just go ahead and shut down nearly everything for a couple of weeks. Yeah, it helps to have some people stay home, but if there are still groups of people gathering (such as a friend’s neighbors who had a party last weekend!), then this process is just going to go on longer. I’m pretty content being at home (for the most part), but I’m ready to return to some sense of normalcy…and our family’s Saturday Target trips!!

Investigating : Preschooler learning and fun activities! Char is so smart and loves learning new things, so I want to find more activities that will help her grow while we have time at home. Plus, I want to find fun activities to have on standby for those days when she is over playing with her toys and iPad time isn’t appealing to her! I’ve got a few resources, but I’ll take any suggestions that people have!

Buying : Groceries and a few things off of Amazon. Our bank account looks better than usual! 😉

How is everyone doing? It’s such a weird time right now, isn’t it?!?

Saturday Sites : 03/28/20

Since many of us are finding ourselves with some extra time these days, I decided to start posting a weekly roundup of websites I discover.* I’m going to try to avoid posting things about the virus because if you’re like me, you already read enough about it and need a bit of a break!

Saturday Sites Grap (1)

  • I’m so guilty of being on my phone way too often. Here are some tips that I want to integrate to help curb my phone usage.

  • If you need a creative outlet, try Morning Pages. This post talks about what they are and how to get started. I want to start on April 1st!

  • A hockey announcer from New York has started doing play-by-plays of different things, such as traffic on his street and a scene in The Lion King. Check out his Instagram feed for some entertainment!

  • Good list of tips to bring the outdoors in when you’re stuck inside, even if you don’t have a yard to play in.

  • According to this article, Animal Crossing : New Horizons is the game we deserve right now…

  • Jimmy Fallon and The Roots made a video of what should be the unofficial quarantine anthem.

That’s it for today! Have a great Saturday!

*I used to have posts called Seven Sunday Sites. These are completely different because it isn’t Sunday, and I’m not committing to a number. Important distinctions, right?

Charlotte’s Chatter : Volume 3

Since Char will turn 4 in April, it seemed like a good time for the next volume of Charlotte’s Chatter!

Charlotte : I’m so mad you’re making macaroni. 
Me : You told me to make you some! 
Charlotte : Oh yeah…

Charlotte : Who made this pillow?
Me : Aunt Tricia. That’s Mimi’s sister. She’s married to Uncle Nick, just like Mimi and Papa are married, Gran Gran and Pop Pop are married, and Daddy and I are married.
Charlotte : I’m married too!
Me : Oh you are? To who?
Charlotte : Chick a lay!!

Charlotte : You smell like…cheese!
Me : Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Charlotte : It’s a good thing!

Sometimes a piece of ice gets stuck in our ice maker, and it makes a popping noise. One morning it happened when we were sitting on the couch. 
Charlotte : Is the fridge burping?

Will brought an ice cream truck Lego set for us to work on. While Char and I were laying down, she had some things to say about it.
Charlotte : I’ve been needing this set my whole life!
Me : Have you?
Charlotte : It makes my heart so happy! It makes me want to love you!
Me : I hope you loved me anyway…
Charlotte : I did!

My mom told me about this one. Char was at their house on a Wednesday. My parents had planned for her to have a sleepover on the following Friday. She said that this conversation happened in their kitchen between my dad and Char :
Charlotte : Today is our adventure day!
Dad : No, it’s on Friday. Today is Wednesday.
Charlotte : No, it’s today
Dad : No, it’s Friday.
Charlotte : Stop arguing with me, Pop Pop!

Me (during a thunderstorm) : Is that your tummy?
Charlotte : I guess so!

She has a couple of stuffed Pokemon characters, so one night I asked her what her Pokemon name would be…
Charlotte : I guess…Captain America!

Me : Who made this big mess? 
Charlotte : I did. That’s what Charlis do! 

One day, she and I went to a McDonald’s playground, and she slipped, fell, and bumped her head. I was holding her in my lap, trying to calm her down, and she had a solution of what would help her feel better.
Me : Are you okay, baby?
Charlotte : I think a cake pop would make my head feel better!

Random quotes :

  • What does “driving me nuts” start with?
  • I’m thinking about life, Dad. 
  • I’m the Charli of the world! 
  • I’m putting the A back in the A hole! (while cleaning up her magnetic letters set)
  • I need to eat pizza every day!
  • I really don’t like time outs!!
  • Whoa, who left this big mess in my playroom?

Last time, I mentioned that Charlotte was asking “what happened” questions a lot. We have now moved into the “why” phase, as well as just general questions. Here are a few of my favorites :

  • Does Uncle Mike have hair?
  • Does Uncle Mike get haircuts?
  • Am I pee peeing on the floor?
  • Why is Daddy home?
  • Why is Daddy bald?
  • Why was I scared to wash my hair?
  • Why did you bring me a snack? (After she had asked me to bring her a snack!)

She is so sassy sometimes, and she makes us laugh on a daily basis!

Currently : March 2020

Coming back from an unplanned blogging hiatus to join the Currently linkup!

Fixing : Dinner a lot more lately! I’ve even (kind of) started meal planning. I want to try making more sheet pan dinners, so if anyone has recipes they enjoy, I’d love to hear them!

Hearing : Charlotte playing! She is playing independently a quite a bit, and it’s so fun to hear her playing with her toys. I just brought a box of my old Barbies from my parents’ house, and I’m getting them cleaned up. I can’t wait to hear her play with them!

Borrowing : More physical books from the local library. I used to only borrow electronic books, but I’m getting back into physical books lately!

Feeling : Grateful!!! We live in a town one county east of Nashville, and our county suffered a lot of damage from Tuesday morning’s tornadoes. Thankfully, our neighborhood didn’t have any damage; we have a lot of insulation in our yard from who knows where, and we lost power for about 16 hours, but we are healthy and safe, and that’s all that matters!!

Recommending : Local businesses, such as my chiropractor, dentist, and a shirt printing shop in the area. We frequent a lot of chain places (Target every Saturday…), but I’m trying to throw more business to the local folks!

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