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10 on the 10th : 10 Favorite Memories with Will

Once again, I’m a couple of days behind on this one, but it’s such a neat idea that I want to participate. Better late than never (which is my life motto too…).

This month’s prompt is 10 memories with my spouse – seems pretty appropriate for Valentine’s Day, right?

10 on the 10th Link-up 2018

1. The first time we met

We met at a singles group event at a church we both attended at the time. The event was at a coffee shop, and I went with my brother. In retrospect, that probably made us seem like a couple. My brother and I were sitting at a table at the front of the coffee shop, and one of the group leaders told me that he had someone he wanted me to meet. He brought Will over to me, and although we only talked for a couple of minutes, we both realized that we were a lot alike and hit it off! It only took him 4 months to ask me on a date… 😉

2. Our first date

Our first date was 7 years ago today! That’s right…our first date was on Valentine’s Day! No pressure, right? While we were eating dinner, a man in the restaurant proposed to his girlfriend. Our waiter said something about how we would be next, and I yelled “NO!!” I had to tell the poor waiter that it was just our first date because he was mortified after that! After we had dinner, we walked around a bookstore for a while. We were both trying to think of places to go to make the date last longer, but it was a work night, and there wasn’t a lot open. I think we both knew it would be the first of many dates!

3. The night before we got engaged

The Nashville Predators were in the playoffs in May 2012, and I won free tickets. Will and I went to the game on May 4, 2012. We had a good time, but unfortunately they lost the game. He and I were supposed to have pictures made the next day as part of an adoption fundraiser for a family at a friend’s church (wow, that sentence sounds so convoluted!). When we were in the parking garage trying to leave, we got into a small argument that led to him going the wrong way and bumping into a column. I was so frustrated that I said “do you even want to go take the stupid pictures tomorrow?” He calmed me down and assured me that yes, he did want to go take the pictures still. It’s a good thing I listened to him…

4. The day we got engaged


We got engaged during our “stupid pictures!” Yeah, I definitely didn’t see that one coming! We were at a park, and it was pretty warm outside, so I was tired of taking pictures. The photographer asked if there were any more poses that we wanted before our session was finished. I said no, but Will said there was one more he wanted. He then proceeded to get the ring out and propose! Ahhh!!! I’m so glad that we have that moment captured! It will be fun to tell Charlotte about it when she’s older!

5. Our wedding day


There were so many memories from that day (including spending waaaaay too much on makeup), but this picture captures one of my favorite memories/moments, which was right after he pronounced us husband and wife! This picture was one that one of my uncles took, and I love it because it shows the relief and excitement I felt after the ceremony was over!

6. Playing paintball


About a month after we got married, we went with my brother, one of my cousins, and a couple of our friends to play paintball. It was my first time playing, so I had no idea what to expect. It was fun…and painful! It was one of our first outings as a married couple and a time that I tried something that I was a little bit scared to do. Sadly, we haven’t played again since then. Also, I can’t remember the last time I tried something that I was a little bit scared to do. Hmmm…

7. Getting our doggo

I wrote about Koopa in Monday’s Love Stories post, so check that out if you want to know the story of how we adopted him. I remember getting the call that we could come pick him up. I also remember Will riding in the back seat with him because we weren’t sure how he would handle being back there on his own. He was so cute stretched out back there next to Will. I wish we had taken pictures!

8. Finding out our second pregnancy was a healthy one

In June 2015, we experienced a miscarriage, and in August 2015, I found out that I was pregnant again. I called the doctor’s office, and they wanted me to come in for a viability scan after I was at least 6 weeks along. The wait between that phone call and that visit was such a long one! The appointment was scheduled for the Tuesday after Labor Day, and on Labor Day, we were at a cookout celebrating a wedding that had happened earlier that weekend. I remember talking to the new bride, her mother-in-law, and a couple of other women there about how scared I was to go to the appointment and how much I hoped things would be okay. The next day when we saw Charlotte for the first time and confirmed that there was a heartbeat and things looked like they were supposed to, we were ecstatic! I think I even hugged the tech! That was definitely a great memory, especially after such a sad start to our summer.

9. Finding out we were having a girl!


A couple of months into my pregnancy, I found a place in Nashville that did early ultrasounds for gender reveals. My insurance wouldn’t let me have an ultrasound until I was 20 weeks along, but this place did them around 16 weeks. I know 4 weeks doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but when you’re pregnant and wondering what you’re having, it feels like an eternity! Our appointment was on a Saturday, and we had planned to have dinner with our families that night to reveal the gender to them. When the ultrasound tech told us it was a girl, we were so excited! We left the facility and immediately went shopping for baby girl clothes! We made a little scratch off as a cute way to reveal the gender to our moms. The scratch offs were cards with blue and pink paint, and they had to scratch it to see if we were having a little Batman or Wonder Woman. Our moms decided that one of them would scratch the blue one and the other one would scratch the pink one – except the pink one wouldn’t come off! Oops! Luckily, they figured it out with the “try again” message that was under the blue one!

10. Becoming parents


Last but definitely not least was our memory from nearly two years ago when Charlotte joined our family! I’ve never really blogged about the whole labor experience, but I did write it down in a book for her to read when she’s older. The short version is that the hospital sent me home that morning, and Will and my mom made me keep walking around that day and evening. I was so sore and tired! We also went to a Mexican restaurant to see if the whole tale about eating spicy food really helped. I can’t say if it did or not, but it did give me horrible heartburn that made me have to take overpriced hospital medicine! Our lives changed so much that day, and we will never be those young, fresh-faced, skinny people that we were in our engagement picture, and that’s okay! We have gone through so much together – good and bad – and we have grown because of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, babe! Sometimes you frustrate the heck out of me, and sometimes I don’t like you very much, but I love you so much, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything…most of the time! 😉

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  1. Just posted my 10 on the 10th today, too. Maybe we need to change the series to make it more realistic for those of us who follow the ‘better late than never’ philosophy.

    Great proposal story. You were a lovely bride and your relief is so obvious that the whole wedding thing is over. I really dislike being in the spotlight so those moments are tough for me.

    Glad your 10 memories included Char’s birth. I hadn’t realized you miscarried. Such a roller coaster of emotions for the two of you in that short period of time.