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Wednesday Weigh In: Week 1

Last week, I shared that I’m starting my weight loss journey at 167 pounds. I weighed in to measure my first week’s progress and drumroll please…

I’m down almost 4.5 pounds! Woo hoo!

That takes me to 162.5ish pounds! I’m close to reaching my first five pound goal also, so that’s pretty encouraging!

So, how did I do it? (Inquiring minds may ask…) Well, I worked out hard three days last week at Re:Move//Training, and I ate healthfully about 80% of the time last week. Truthfully, I attribute such a big number to my body losing water weight and just being shocked by the healthy foods and exercise! Can’t wait to see how I do next week! =)


I am Amber. Amber I am. I like to write things that sound like a Dr. Seuss book, evidently.

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