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21 Days to a More Disciplined Life: Day 5 (Anticipate Obstacles)

Keeping it short tonight because it’s been a busy day, and we’re all tired!

I made my list today. How did that go for anyone else following along? I realized that my number two habit isn’t going to be getting enough sleep; it’s going to be consistent quiet time. That will make me happier, even if I don’t have enough sleep! 😉

Today’s chapter talks about what to do if you want to give up. Paine’s three suggestions (on the blog, not in the book): anticipate obstacles and prepare for them beforehand, be realistic and make realistic goals, and resist negative thought patterns. She has a lot of good advice on perseverance, so check out what she had to say.

The exercise for tomorrow is a two part one:

1. Read Michael Hyatt’s article on 5 Steps to Developing Discipline.

2. Consider what obstacles lie in your path as you seek to implement your chosen habit over the next 18 days. Create strategies to help you be prepared for them.

This should be a good exercise! Hope everyone has a good rest of the night! We’re off to catch some zzz’s!


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