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Summertime Slacking

I have been lazy this summer.

Besides not posting anything here since the end of June, I’ve also neglected my personal and professional to do lists, thinking that I still had “plenty of time” to finish everything before the end of August.


Honestly, it’s always like this. I make a huge list for work projects and home projects and fun stuff, and every year I proclaim that this is the year I will do all of these things.


I guess there’s not really a point to this post, other than to say I’m ready to start blogging again. I have a list of ideas and a lot of nearly finished drafts that I need to get together and publish. I also have ideas about how I want to improve this little blog and help it grow.

So, if you’re out there and still reading, thanks. I’ll be back soon!


I am Amber. Amber I am. I like to write things that sound like a Dr. Seuss book, evidently.

Tell me what you think!

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