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2016 State of the Blog Address

Two weeks ago, I shared some stats about how the blog performed last year. Now it’s time to look at the present year and talk about some of the goals that I have for it. This was supposed to be last week’s post, but I had sinuses of doom last week and had no interest in publishing anything, so I hope everyone enjoyed their break from me. Ha!

State of blog

Goal 1: Publish consistently on Mondays: With the exception of last week, I’m doing well on this one. 😉 I have a lot of ideas for things to write about, plus I have 18 posts in my draft folder that need to be cleaned up and published. I would also like to repost some of the “oldies but goodies” that I’ve written that either got a great response or didn’t get the amount of readers that I thought they would. I shouldn’t deprive the world of my weekly genius, right?

Goal 2: Clean up old posts: I used to have this blog on a Blogger site, and I noticed that when I migrated it to WordPress, some things got a little janky. I want to go back and clean up the old posts by making the tags and categories more consistent, updating any graphics that have the old blog name on them, making new graphics, and tweaking any formatting that looks meh.

Goal 3: Don’t undertake lofty blogging projects: Case 1 – My “one word” for 2015 that I wrote about maybe twice and then never mentioned again (coincidentally, the word was consistent and that was supposed to motivate me. See how well that worked out…). Case 2- Blogging for a month about a book, a list of topics from another blog, or projects that I want to complete around the house. I think there’s a balance between posting once a week and committing to a month of daily posting. I want to write more often, and I would love to eventually write full time, but for now, it’s not realistic, and I just continue to set myself up for failure when I undertake projects like that. I do plan to continue the “Five Favorites” posts on the last Monday of the month because I enjoy doing them and haven’t found them to be too much of a burden so far…especially since I skipped a few months of it after starting it!

Goal 4: Feature guest postings: In case you’ve forgotten or missed one of the fifteen hundred announcements about it, we’re having our first baby in April. Although I’m sure she’ll be extremely well-behaved, immediately sleep through the night, able to feed herself right out of the womb, and not require any attention or entertainment, I still feel like I may not be able to blog for at least a couple of days weeks months after she makes her grand appearance (with the exception of putting a birth announcement on here because that’s pretty much required for blogs and social media now). Although I said in Goal 1 that I have a lot of drafts to publish and some archived content to republish, I still want to make sure that I have plenty of content during my blogging maternity leave, so here’s where you, the smart and talented reader, come into the picture!

If you have always wanted to write a blog posting, here’s your chance! I don’t really have any set categories or parameters, so I’ll publish just about anything rated PG-13 or below (and PG-13 content may be edited if it makes me blush…and I’m a 95 year old lady, so just keep that in mind). If you have a blog and would like to post a teaser to one of your posts on here, that would be great too! I don’t pull huge numbers here (or else I would have a book or a line of cookware at Walmart), but it will get you some exposure to a different audience. If you don’t have a blog, that’s fine also! I know sometimes people have an idea of something to write but no real outlet for it, so here’s your chance to publish it somewhere and become Internet famous (results may vary).

If you are interested in being a guest poster, then let me know by commenting here or on my connected social media sites with your contact information. We can work out the details of what you’re going to write about and when it will be posted. I want to have everything lined up and scheduled by March 14, so even if you’re a huge procrastinator like me, that gives you almost two months to write something and send it my way. Also, keep in mind, if your posting does better than any of mine, I will make you pay me. Don’t ask me to explain how that works; it’s the Amber law.

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