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Currently : June 2017


Planning: Our move! Moving is not for the faint of heart!

Wishing: Boxes would pack themselves…

Learning: How to communicate with a very opinionated little girl!

Browsing: I’ve heard a lot about the Land of Nod website lately, so I just browsed there for a little bit. Let’s just say, unless we come into some serious fun money, we will not be buying anything from there!

Going: Nowhere. Womp womp. Our work schedules + moving (have I mentioned we’re moving? Maybe once or twice?) won’t let us take any trips this summer. Maybe next year…

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10 thoughts on “Currently : June 2017

    1. Yes!!! I can wash and dry laundry all day, but it never quite makes it to the putting away stage…until my husband gets fed up with me and makes me do it! Ha!!

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