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Even though it’s still about 9,000 degrees outside here, tomorrow marks the official start of Fall!! As I’ve gotten older, Fall has replaced Summer as my season of choice. There’s something about not sweating all of the time, shaving less often, and being encouraged to wear oversized (“cozy”) shirts that speaks to my inner self.

There are so many fun things to do in the Fall, so I’m joining a few bloggers for a Fall Bucket List linkup!

Simple ways to enjoy a

My graphic is a little tough to read, so let me break it down.

1. Go to a pumpkin patch/corn maze : Charlotte probably isn’t going to love this, but maybe if we start an annual tradition, she’ll be excited about it in the next couple of years.

2. Take a day trip to see the leaves changing : This one was Will’s idea. I don’t know if we’ll go to East Tennessee or stay around here, but I think this one will be fun!

3. Go to a football game : I’m planning to go to my work’s homecoming game in a couple of weeks, so this may be the first one I check off the list.

4. Learn to make my own pumpkin spice latte : I’ve been starting to eat healthier and save more money, so if I can learn to make one that I like as much as a certain coffee chain PSL, then I’ll be in Fall overdrive!

5. Decorate for Fall : I stole this one from Leslie! Now that we’re getting settled into our house, I want to bust out all of the Fall decorations!

6. Buy a mum!! : I have always loved mums. There’s something about them that just says Fall to me. I never bought one at our other house because there wasn’t a good place to put one on the front porch (it was pretty much just a landing and some steps), but now we have an actual front porch with chairs and a little trunk. That trunk needs a mum on it!

7. Find a family Halloween costume theme and take Charlotte to a couple of events : I don’t know if she’ll be interested in trick or treating this year, but we can go to a couple of the Halloween family fun festivals (phew, that’s a mouthful!) that pop up every year. And, as far as a theme, I’m open to suggestions. I’m sure I can convince Will to go along with whatever theme I choose! 😉

8. Cook a healthy Thanksgiving dinner : Since I have been eating better, I want to maintain momentum through the holiday season. Thanksgiving will be the first test for me, so I want to plan a healthy menu and stick to it.

9. Participate in a 5K : I had planned to do one this coming Saturday, but little girl has an ear infection, and I don’t think she’ll enjoy being out in the hot weather with tons of people while she doesn’t feel well. I may set my sights on a turkey trot. Then I may throw a splurge or two into my healthy Thanksgiving menu!

10. Plan/host Happy Holigames : Part deux…haha. We had a games/snacks party last year that was so much fun! We’ve got some ideas for this year’s event already, so we just need to pick a date and start planning. I know this sounds like a Winter event, but last year we had it the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so it’s totally Fall related!

Have any Fall plans of your own? Leave a comment or join the linkup! I’ll be back on October 21 with a progress report!

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14 Comments on “Fall Bucket List

  1. I’d never heard of spiced pumpkin lattes or corn mazes before I started reading through everyone’s Fall list. And I had to think about what a “Mum” was…in Aus, Mum is mother (not Mom)…then I realised it was a chrysanthemum….derrrr Jo…. Enjoy the change in season – & I want to see a pic of that pumpkin latte.

    1. I love the thought of buying a Mom! There are some days when I wish I had an extra Mom to help me out around the house! Boy, that would make my fall list a lot different! 🙂

      I’m looking forward to experimenting and taste testing all of my latte tries! I’ll have to post pictures when I perfect it!

      Enjoy the upcoming spring in your part of the world!

  2. I love your logic for your change in preferred seasons. Maybe those are the same reasons I’ve come to love fall so much! With your fun fall plans, what’s not to love? Enjoy!


  3. Thanks for the mention; can’t wait to see your fall decorations. I pulled out my box today. And have started taking summer down. Need to run to Walmart tomorrow for a few more plastic bins to store everything in.

    Please share the recipe for pumpkin lattes if you do make them. I had one at Krispy Kreme yesterday and it was divine. But I am pretty certain you can see it on my hips and behind already. Dad gum it.

    Signed up for a Thanksgiving-themed 5K in November but would like to run one before that. However, I haven’t been really running much so maybe by November I will be back in running shape.

    What do you guys play for your Holigames celebration? We really don’t have friends. Sounds pitiful, huh? I love playing Pictionary but only get to do it about once a year when my daughters and their hubs are visiting and indulge me.

    Thank you for joining us. Looking forward to following your progress.

    1. I found a couple of fall decorations in the various boxes in our basement and garage, so fall is slowly infiltrating our house! My husband brought me a little pumpkin chalkboard from Target last week, so I was pretty excited for that new addition to the decorations!

      I’ll definitely share the recipe. I’ve been eating low carb, so I’m looking for low carb recipes, which I’m sure won’t be quite as delicious as the ones from coffee or doughnut shops, but it will be less damaging to our waistlines!!

      I think we’re going to do a Thanksgiving one also. There used to be so many races in our area in the fall, but I haven’t had much luck finding any that aren’t in Nashville (we live about 25 minutes outside of Nashville). I’d rather do one where we don’t have to pay for parking.

      Last year we had a couple of different games going. We bought the Oregon Trail board game, and a few people played it, and then some of us played…uh, now I can’t remember! Oops! Then we did a group game at the end called Werewolves which was pretty fun. You don’t need anything to play it, but this website ( does sell cards for it. We’re big on Apples to Apples also! And we don’t have a ton of friends. It was a mishmash of people we know from work and in life. But, that was the best way to do something like that because there weren’t awkward silences, and I didn’t feel like I had to “entertain” anyone.

      Thanks for inviting me to join! I’m excited to see everyone’s updates next month!

    1. Thank you! We’re finally going to drop out of the 90s and into the 70s this weekend, so maybe it’ll start feeling like fall here too! Hope you have a wonderful fall also!

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