My Week in Review (October 22 – 28)

Our weekly walk down memory lane!

2012 :

A weekly weigh in post that said I gained a “bunch of weight” (probably like half a pound. Smh) and a wrap-up to a closet experiment that I did for two months. This one may be worth revisiting in 2018…

2013 :

Nothing this year. I guess writing two posts during this week in 2012 was enough for 2013 Amber.

2014 :

Optimistic October continued with days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 (still one of my favorite pictures ever!), and 28.

2015 :

Nothing on the blog this year. Slacker.

2016 :

Nothing this year either. Man, this was a slow week in years past!

2017 : 

I’ve been a little scattered on the blog because I haven’t been writing things ahead of time like I had been in the habit of doing. I feel like I write so much better when I don’t wait until the last minute. Go figure!

Off the blog, I taught some library instruction classes this week. I used to get so nervous and over prepare whenever I had a class scheduled. Now, I just go in and hit the ground running. I think that teaching a class this semester has helped with my confidence levels and let me see that no matter how much I prepare for anything, I’m still going to get questions about the thing I literally just talked about. Ah, instruction life, right?

Charlotte and I went to play group at Chick Fil A again this week, and Char got to play on the play area. She wanted to go to the top of it, but she wasn’t a fan of the tunnel! I wasn’t a fan of trying to get down and help her down (and she had a dirty diaper. Blech!).

Picture of the Week :

This was from 2016. We took our little flamingo to Halloween in the Park, and we didn’t stay long, but she and I took a long nap afterwards. She was not impressed with Halloween in the Park, as you can tell!

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7 Comments on “My Week in Review (October 22 – 28)

  1. Oh my goodness that flamingo costume is so cute!! I always just wing it with my blog posts but I think I would do so much better if I would plan it out instead. Your blog is so fun 😊

  2. I love looking back on things from years past until I see an old Facebook post that was from the really early years. Then I always feel like I need to post an apology.

  3. I love taking a look back at things I’ve done before. It’s a good reminder of where you came from or how far you’ve come. Ps. That costume is SO CUTE!

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