Sentence a Day : October 2017

1 – New month, new hopes.

2 – Monday again, huh?

3 – I’m just feeling defeated right now.

This is the expression of pure joy!

4 – Lead Bible Study at work today!

5 – Making plans and setting goals!

Really relaxed at story time!

6 – Charlotte was up way too late tonight. =(

7 – Fun family day and Char’s first football game!

8 – Rainy but hot and muggy…blah.

9 – Running so behind this morning!

10 – Play group was cancelled this week, but we should be able to go next week!

11 – Staff meeting with our boss did not go well at all.

12 – Still pretty down today from what we discussed yesterday.

13 – Luncheon at our boss’ house was actually pretty fun!

14 – Time with friends and pretty weather…much needed after this week!

15 – We visited Mimi and Papa today, and Char hammed it up!

16 – Fall Break at work made it so quiet in there today!

17 – Day off with friends and family was so, so, so good!

Someone else enjoyed my day off too…

18 – Back to work, and I’m so confused about what day it is!

What I saw when I walked out of our bedroom that morning after I got dressed.

19 – Budgeting class started today, and I’m #allin.

20 – Hey, hey, Friyay.

21 – Craft fair with my parents, brother, and Char (Will didn’t want to go!).

I can’t handle this cuteness!!!!!

22 – A calm Sunday at home was good for us.

23 – Unexpected instruction session at work today!

“Leave me alone, I’m watching my stories.”

24 – We’re making it through the semester, slowly but surely.

25 – I regretted my shoe choices at work all day long.

26 – Another instruction session today…get it!

27 – Kind of in a daze today.

28 – It was super cold today, and Char, my mom and I went to a Little Free Library dedication and just about froze!

We have discovered Snapchat

29 – It was really cold today too so we stayed home all day!

Charlotte is planning her obligations.

30 – Prepping for a huge work meeting happening Wednesday.

31 – Char was up from midnight to 6 AM, so our Halloween will involve going to bed earlier!

After last night’s sleep…or lack of…this is so true!

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Author: amberiam

I am Amber. Amber I am. I like to write things that sound like a Dr. Seuss book, evidently.

5 Comments on “Sentence a Day : October 2017

  1. OK – Your little red head is just the cutest thing ever!
    Especially relaxing in that recliner LIKE A BOSS 😉 haha
    Good for you leading a bible study at work!!!!

  2. Hope things at work, ummm, worked themselves out. I know we aren’t supposed to bring our work problems home but I can never help it. Work is such a huge part of life. And it spills over into my personal life.

    Hoping to go to a craft fair tomorrow with my PC. Love doing things like that. This weekend seems to be THE weekend for Christmas fairs but with our 80 days, it is hard to think about winter holidays already.

    I felt defeated some of this past month, too. Hoping we both enjoy a gentler November.

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