Glossies Made Me Do It : November 2017

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I’ve been reading on my iPad a lot more lately, so I updated the Zinio account that one of the local public library systems provides access to and went on a magazine checking out spree! I read three of them last night and came up with a few things to add to my linkup post today.

The first tip came from the November issue of HGTV magazine.

The issue had an article called Keep or Toss where it told readers whether or not to toss things like a cracked leather stool and perfume from 2012. The perfume one was a big duh to me. Deep down, I know that old perfume doesn’t smell as good as new perfume, but I still held on to some of my old perfumes and body sprays. No more! Goodbye, Cherry Blossom spray from Bath and Body Works. You were a good friend.

The second tip came from the October/November 2017 issue of Working Mother magazine (which I somehow got a subscription to back when I was single and childless. Someone’s marketing department missed the mark on that demographic…).

This issue had a feature about the 100 best companies for mothers with criteria about family friendliness, leave time, etc. I skimmed through it just looking to see if any of them were based near me (they weren’t), but the next story was about getting remote jobs with these companies. That caught my attention!

I think anyone who has been reading here lately has seen that I’m having a lot of challenges at work. There are a lot of different things going on, but I’m also having some internal struggles. Back when Char was born, I determined that I wasn’t cut out to be a Stay at Home or Work from Home mom. However, now that she’s getting older and there are so many things I want to do with her, I’ve really been wanting more flexibility in my life to be able to do these things. Plus, I don’t know if you realize this, but kids get sick. Shocking, right? I know that when I’m sick sometimes now, I want my mama, and I’ve seen that with Char too, but it’s a struggle because I feel like I’m letting down my coworkers and my students, and I have to justify my reason for leaving or being off work in our time off request system, which makes me second guess if it’s a good idea. It can get exhausting. I know I”m not unique in these struggles, but they’ve really been weighing heavily on me lately.

tl;dr – there’s a good article here about remote jobs.

My last couple of articles came from the November 2017 issue of Parents magazine.

One article was about Jimmy Fallon’s latest children’s book. His first book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada, was super cute. Will and I read it one night at Target while I was pregnant and laughed about how that would probably be the case for us. Little did I know that it wouldn’t be but she would look just like him. Oh life, you’re so full of irony…don’t you think?

His new book is called Everything Is Mama, and it’s about animals who try to teach their children that there are words other than Mama. Don’t tell Char, but she’s going to get this book for Christmas! I love that she says mama so often (or my personal favorite, maaaaa), and I think this will be really funny!

Finally, I read about a back strengthening workout (in Parents). It had exercises that I remember from my days of working out at the conditioning gym, so I’m interested to see if my body remembers how to do any of them! I hope this will help keep my back a little looser and ease up some small but annoying issues that it gives me.

Read any good magazines lately? If so, be sure to share here and then check out the linkup on the hostesses blogs!

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2 Comments on “Glossies Made Me Do It : November 2017

  1. Thanks so much for joining us! I’m always looking at remote job opportunities; I don’t have a child, but with so many doctor appointments, etc. I feel like it would be really great for me too!! It would be great if you found something remote! 🙂

    Aw, I love those Jimmy Fallon books.


    1. I think remote work is really beneficial for a lot of different groups! I imagine it would be so much easier to go to your appointments with a more flexible schedule. I know that’s one thing that is so tough for me! Have you heard of the website Rat Race Rebellion? They have a ton of remote job listings, so it might be worth checking out!

      Thanks for hosting this! It’s one of my favorites!!

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