Things I’m Thankful For : A TBB Talks Linkup

Time for a new month of prompts from The Blended Blog! This month is Thanksgiving themed, and today’s post looks at things I’m thankful for. What a good way to start off a Monday!


  1. A new friend : I’m stumped on question one! I’m kind of sad to say that I haven’t really made any new friends for a while. I think I’ve just been wrapped up in life and everything on my brain instead of making friends. 2018 goal?
  2. Something shiny : Hmm, this is kind of an odd one. All I can think of is the Moana song with this one…
  3. Someone unexpected : Okay, I’m 0 for 3 here. Wow.
  4. Something ordinary : Finally! Lately, our weekends have been relaxed and ordinary, nothing special, but they have been fantastic. It’s been nice to spend time together as a family and just hang out with each other.
  5. A person you’ve known a long time : Jen! She and I have known each other since freshman year of college, and even when we don’t talk for a while, we can pick things back up…usually over Chinese food! She’s also an awesome supporter and reads these posts, without me paying her or bribing her or anything bahahaha.
  6. Somewhere you go every day : My job. I know I’ve fussed about it a lot lately, but I am grateful for it. There were a few bumpy days with a couple of situations that have come up, but things are starting to straighten out. I’m grateful that I have great co-workers that can work through these things, and I’m grateful that my job gives Will an opportunity to work towards his goal of getting a degree!
  7. Someone who’s taught you something : My parents! They teach me something nearly every day, and I’m ridiculously grateful to have them in our lives!
  8. A far-away place : The beach! It’s been way too long since I’ve been!
  9. Something that’s saving your life right now : This is a little dramatic. I’m blank!
  10. Someone you see every day : Koopa! I love how excited he always is when I come home from work! It makes me so happy to see him grab his toy and run to the door to greet me.
  11. Something you enjoy doing : Writing!
  12. Someone female : Charlotte! She is so sweet and bubbly, and even when we have rough nights (like a couple last week), she still lights up our life! We love you, baby girl!
  13. A special place : Home. It’s where we can be ourselves and relax.
  14. Someone male : My husband! He balances me and keeps me sane and focused and on track and lots of other good things. Also, he has been cooking and cleaning a lot lately, which has been helping me work on some things I’ve wanted to. I love you, babe!
  15. Something warm : Coffee. Always sweet and wonderful coffee…

I had such a hard time writing this one! It could be because I was catching up on This Is Us, and it was really hard to see the screen through ALL THE TEARS. Linking up with The Blended Blog…hopefully all of the others had an easier time than I did with this one!

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