Hello again…

Hi, my name is Amber, and I used to blog pretty consistently around these parts. Time for a little bit of a life update.

(No, I’m not pregnant. I don’t know if anyone is assuming that, but it seems like anytime someone takes a break, says they have news, or even buys a seasonal picture frame with one more space than the number of children their family has,* people assume there is a pregnancy).

In the spirit of transparency and disclosure, I’ve honestly just been in a huge funk lately. I think there are a lot of circumstances that have caused it, but it’s been tough to do more than the bare minimum. I would sit down to write a post and find myself wasting time online until it was way later than I intended on staying up. I was kind of just shuffling through things and not putting much effort into anything. Even my last post, which I normally love writing, took me about three days to put together because I just kept procrastinating on it and getting distracted.

Things were so bad in my brain that I didn’t even want to listen to Christmas music. If you know me, then you know things are serious when I’m not chomping at the bit to start busting out the carols on November 1.

I’m making my way back to myself though. We’re making some family changes, and they’re going to help bring down our stress levels, which will help keep me a lot more balanced. I’ve started another blog to talk about our major focus right now. If you’re interested in reading about it, click here.

I’m ready to start writing again, and that’s a huge sign that I’m feeling more like myself again. I’m also ready to bust out the Christmas music, take down the fall decor, and Elf this place up while I’m hopped up on homemade peppermint mochas.

Or, uh, whatever.

I want to thank my husband, kiddos (human and canine), parents, and the other half of my brain at work and in life for sticking with me over the last few weeks and helping to bring me back to where I need to be. I have a tendency to want to hibernate and not want any human contact when I get in these moods, so I appreciate all of you dealing with me and making me be a person…even if I was crying about moldy bread or your recap of what I said to you when I was falling asleep. I’m ready to save the tears for the important things – episodes of This Is Us and that one commercial I usually see around this time of year where the mom is a soldier and announces her arrival home from deployment by driving the toy car into her house.

I’m not ugly crying…you’re ugly crying.

So, be prepared to see more writing from me again. I hope you’ve missed me because I’ve missed all of you!

* I saw this on Facebook recently. Someone who has a toddler and just had a baby earlier this year bought a snowman picture frame with three spots and someone asked if that third spot meant there was news. No! It means that it was a cute home decor piece that she stumbled upon while shopping with her two adorable children! The mother was very gracious in her response to the woman who asked if it meant potential news. Much, much more gracious than I would probably be in that situation!

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I am Amber. Amber I am. I like to write things that sound like a Dr. Seuss book, evidently.

2 Comments on “Hello again…

  1. Boy, can I relate. I have been in something of a funk myself. For no definitive reason. Just not feeling right in my head and heart. Hope we both can take a deep breath, get through if not enjoy the holidays and look forward to a brighter new year.

    1. Agreed! It feels like every time I get motivated to write again, I lose it for some reason. I’m sorry you’re not feeling right. I feel your pain and am looking forward to a new year as well.

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