Glossies Made Me Do It : I’m Not a Runner (and Other Truths About Myself)


This month’s post is not about one specific magazine or one specific article. Instead, it’s kind of a mashup of things that I’ve started to realize during the time that I’ve participating in this linkup.

I’m not a runner.

I want to be. I have a subscription to a running magazine, have started and attempted Couch to 5K more times than I can count, and tell Will every year during Nashville’s big marathon that I’m going to do it next year.

But guess what? I haven’t done it. I read the running magazine and never do any of the workouts. I download the C25K app on my phone, press through a couple of weeks, and then abandon it.

I’m also probably never going to be super crafty or a big DIYer.

Sometimes I feel like I can barely manage to put on clothes that fit, pack a lunch, and get out the door. I can’t imagine throwing a complicated craft or DIY project on top of that. I’ll put this idea to the side because maybe when Char is a little bigger it could be something I revisit. Who knows? She may be a master at those types of things and help me learn how to do them.

Let’s also just go ahead and stick a pin in my dreams of cooking every night.

Will does most of the cooking on the nights he’s home, and my mom feeds me the other nights. Every once in a while, I’ll get an idea that I want to make something (homemade brownies!), but then I’ll get all of the ingredients out and let them sit on the kitchen counter for a few days before I realize that the counter is so cluttered, I don’t have a place to set anything down on. This situation is purely hypothetical, of course.

So, what do all of these realizations have to do with magazines? Quite a bit, actually. On most occasions, when I get ready to write this post, I go through the library’s website and check out a ton of different magazines, including running ones, crafting ones, DIY ones, and elaborate cooking ones. I’ll flip through them, and sometimes something will inspire me. I think I’ve even written about running in this very series! Moving forward, this is not the way I’m going to approach these posts…or anything I want inspiration from, like Pinterest, blogs, etc.

I know what the hobbies I like and want to pursue – writing, reading, lifting weights (when I prioritize it, anyway) – so why do I keep trying to force myself to do other things? Sure, it’s great to learn new things from magazines, like a hairstyle that I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own, but it’s time to quit trying to make myself do things that I don’t want to.

I’m just not a runner. And that’s okay.

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6 Comments on “Glossies Made Me Do It : I’m Not a Runner (and Other Truths About Myself)

  1. Much more important to know and embrace who you are than to try to be something you aren’t. Yay for you. I will never be a fancy cook or more than a 5K runner but I can make a mean Hamburger Helper and run a 10 minute mile on my treadmill. Ha!

    High five!!

  2. Love this! I’m so not going to be a runner, but that’s okay. I like to dance…and I want to find other ways to be active that I actually enjoy (most of the time). And I hope you find things that really DO inspire you in the future for these posts. 🙂


    1. Thank you! And thank you for putting the linkup together. I do enjoy it, especially since I’ve discovered what I’m not going to attempt anymore! Ha!

  3. I am a runner, and usually cook dinner, but I am NOT crafty and I can’t stand DIY projects. I have a whole list of “things I don’t do and I refuse to feel guilty about it” and crafty/DIY stuff is at the top of the list! See also: interior decorating, elaborate children’s birthday parties, and the whole 30.

    1. I’m not even allowed to talk about the whole 30 anymore after three failed attempts. I really, really like the idea of your list. Putting that in my future post ideas bank! 🙂

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