Super Sunday Stats

Giving it a different spin tonight in honor of a certain sportsing event that happened earlier…

0 : The number of Philadelphia Eagles players I knew before tonight.

8 : The most glorious number…also known as the number of points the Eagles won by!

6 : The number of people at my mom and dad’s house watching the game (me, Will, Char, my parents, and younger brother).

5.5 : The number of people who were happy about the outcome of the game (my brother is the 0.5 because I think he was more excited that the game was over than the actual outcome…).

10 : What I thought I would rate Justin Timberlake’s halftime show.

4 : What I actually rated it. JT, that was…not your best.

11 : The number of commercials that I really enjoyed – Lionel Richie, the retirement ad (can’t remember the company), M&M’s/Danny DeVito, the Tide ads (counting all of these as one), the Amazon ad, JackVsMartha, Fire versus Ice, Pringles, Australia, Chris Pratt as an extra, and the absolute best – The Touchdown Dance! There is a YouTube playlist of all 107 commercials that aired during the game! I’m sure there’s some I didn’t see, so I’ll be checking this out!

3 : The number of episodes of This Is Us I need to watch before I can watch the one that aired tonight. I didn’t realize I was so behind!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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