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I’m struggling with this blog lately. One part of me just wants it to keep being what I started it as – a way to write and share thoughts and enjoy myself. The other part of me has started doing things to try to make money from blogging, but I haven’t had much success and am feeling discouraged. Honestly, the money making side is making the writing side not fun anymore. I think it’s because my efforts aren’t really focused, and I’m trying a lot of different things at the same time instead of building upon things. I’ve gotten into that all or nothing mentality that I’m so bad about.

Those of you who read this regularly – and not just because I’ve joined some kind of comment thread on a Facebook group – what do you enjoy reading about? Do you really care if I post every day, or would you rather see me skip a day instead of putting filler up? I know I set a goal to write every single day this year, but that’s starting to feel tedious and forced. Plus, my mindset behind it was if I publish every day, then that will increase my traffic, which will increase ad revenue, etc. It has sort of worked, but I’m rethinking a lot of things on here.

Blah, sorry if this sounds negative. I’m actually pretty happy right now. Maybe that’s why I’m looking at this with a more critical eye; now that I’ve got some big worries off of my plate, I can start looking at the little things in life again!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! We think Char is getting her two year molars in because sleep has been a mess lately. She and Will laid down for a nap a little while ago, and I’m hoping she’s more pleasant when she gets up!

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7 Comments on “Slogging Through Blogging

  1. I agree with Rachel! When you write about something you’re very passionate about (not just a “filler”) you can feel the life in the post. It doesn’t feel like a “have to” but a “want to”. For me as a reader, I’d much rather read a couple of passionate “want to” posts a week than fluff. Plus I’m your friend, and I know how much fun and entertaining the “free Amber” is. 😘

  2. I think blogging once a week is plenty. If you’re life is like mine, there isn’t enough material everyday to keep the readers interested. I am interested in following your financial goals this year and how you’re doing with it. Money goals are interesting to me…shows where priorities lie or what the focus is on.

  3. I don’t think blogging every day is necessary, unless you have something you want to say! I definitely don’t have enough going on in life (or maybe I have too much going on) to blog every day. I don’t have enough to say, and I don’t have to time to say if I did, haha. As a reader I’d rather read 2-3 solid posts per week. I agree that for me to keep the fun in blogging I have to do it for me, for fun, versus worrying about money or page views, etc. Whenever I start to think about it that way too much it’s too discouraging and not fun anymore.

  4. I cannot imagine blogging daily. Exhausting. I think we all go through these doubts and have questions about blogging, our purpose or direction. I know I have them at least once a week. I was hoping to make money, too, but I just don’t have the traffic and followers. And bottom line, I don’t like the way blogs look all gobbed up with ads and pop-ups and I don’t want to read endless commercials from the gals I follow. So, it works out well that I don’t make much money! Ha!!

    But speaking of making money, I have discovered two ways to make a little extra $. and Check them out. We won’t get rich, but we can earn a little extra for trips to McDs or money to fill up the gas tank.

    I hope you won’t set your blog aside. But I think if it feels like work, it probably is. I vote for going back to blogging when you have something you are excited to share. I am doing mostly link-ups because a lot of the thinking is already done! In March, though, I want to try some new things all my own.


  5. I definitely think that a few posts per week is plenty. And if you have a busy week, or a week off it’s totally cool not to post. I’d rather know that someone is around, even infrequently than never hear from them or have them post daily! 🙂 You should do whatever feels right as you go along! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

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