Currently : April 2018

Showering : With warmer water lately! We had been having problems with running out of hot water but usually noticed it on days when we did a lot of laundry, gave Char a bath, etc. Then one day a couple of weeks ago, I nearly ran out of hot water on a day that hadn’t included any other water using activities. Will called his stepfather who replaced one of our heating elements, and now we are back in business! Woo hoo!

That was a really long answer to that prompt, wasn’t it? 😉

Cultivating : I had to think about this one, and I looked at some of the other blogs in the linkup to see what their answers were for inspiration! A lot of people seem to be using the definition of cultivate that involves developing a skill or habit. So, in that case, I’m cultivating calmer parenting. I know that may not make sense, but I plan to talk about it more in my post on Friday!

Expecting : Warmer weather any day now…please cooperate Mother Nature…pretty please??

Buying : Things for Charlotte’s birthday party! I can’t believe she’s almost 2 already!

Cooking : Nothing much lately, but we just bought an Instant Pot over the weekend, so I need to actually take it out of the box and cook something!

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8 Comments on “Currently : April 2018

    1. We (okay, my husband) finally used it tonight to make chicken and dumplings. It was a meal kit, so I don’t think it was the best use for it, but I can see how it will be really convenient!

  1. Anxious to hear what you think about the Instapot. Almost, almost bought one and then thought that I would just keep using my trusty crockpot. Please give us a review!

    1. It came with a recipe book, so I need to flip through it for inspiration. If it helps us eat at home more, it will be well worth its cost! I should plan a review for next month once I’ve used it a few times!

    1. It’s definitely easy to get stuck in old habits, especially once the “new” has worn off of something! I want to get better about meal planning/prep, so maybe I should stick an instant pot recipe in each week’s plan!

  2. I love planning my kiddo’s birthday party – hope you have a great time! And I have been tempted soooo many times to buy an instant pot. They just sound so handy!

  3. Thanks! The party is this Saturday, and we’re hoping the storms hold off so we can go outside. I had been waffling about an instant pot for a while, so when we bought a new vacuum a couple of weeks ago, I went ahead and gave in. Hopefully I’ll use it enough to make it worth it!

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