Sentence a Day : March 2018

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1 – Hey, did you know today is my Friday? 😉

2 – I got a lot done today!

Char loves her Snapchat filters!

3 – Char is on a day trip, so I’m giving our other kid some attention haha

He’s worn out after his one-on-one time!

4 – Fun night out last night and semi productive today!

5 – Good day off, and I got Char a birthday present!

6 – I’m so crabby today

7 – No cavities at the dentist but still cranky tonight

8 – Not quite as cranky today, so that’s good for everyone around me!

9 – It’s our 5th anniversary today – time is flying!

Will and I didn’t take any pictures together today. Oops!

10 – And so the sleep battles begin again…

11 – Spring forward has done a number on our sleep…blah…

12 – Sometimes staff meetings can be interesting…

13 – Drunken noodles are delicious!

14 – So ready for Winter to be over!

15 – Sometimes a girl just needs a little extra time with her mama!

16 – Yay it’s Friday!

17 – Beautiful day today and fun with the family!

Is ice cream delicious? Hmmm, let me think about this one…

18 – Back to a smaller planner…my life is so exciting lol

19 – Work closed early because there were supposed to be dangerous storms; spoiler alert – there were none.

20 – Aaaaand we have the potential for snow tonight…happy first day of Spring!

21 – It’s so cold still!!


22 – Super tired today.

23- I am so tired again today and can’t shake it!

24 – Forgot to write anything down today!

25 – Lazy Sunday at home

Char likes my new planner…

26 – Tired, tired, tired, and did I mention tired?!?

27 – Totally forgot to write something today too!

28 – Happy 35th anniversary, Mom and Dad!!

There were deer in our yard when Char and I got home!

29 – People did not like us closing at 4:30 today!

30 – Shopping with Char and my parents!


31 – Happy birthday, Will! I love you!! (Two sentences…whatcha gonna do about it? Ha!)


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Author: amberiam

I am Amber. Amber I am. I like to write things that sound like a Dr. Seuss book, evidently.

4 Comments on “Sentence a Day : March 2018

    1. It feels like the never-ending winter, doesn’t it? If I don’t get some sunshine and warmer temperatures soon, I can’t be held responsible for my actions!!

  1. Love the photo of Char with her grandparents. Little teensy doll baby. I was tired a lot in March, too. I am sure once it feels like spring, we will all begin to feel better. We just need some of that sunshine on our face.

    1. She insisted on holding hands with both of them, and I just melted! We’ve got a few warmer days in the forecast this week, and then it’s supposed to be in the 50s again next week. Mother Nature needs to get her act together!!

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