Wellness Wednesday : April 2018

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday, monthly linkup dedicated to health and wellness!

Wellness Wednesday

I missed this linkup last month since I didn’t write very much in March. Time to get back on track!

First, let’s check in on my goals from my original post in January.

Goal #1 – Sleep at least 7 hours a night : I’ve been doing fairly well with this one over the last couple of months! We have been alternating sleeping in the guest room with Charlotte for a few weeks, so on my nights with her, I get a lot of sleep since I go to bed earlier. I’m still working on going earlier on my “off nights,” but I feel a lot better with more sleep. Shocker, right? Of course, we’re going to start working on putting her in a toddler bed soon, so that will change everything…

Goal #2 – Get at least 5,000 steps per day : I haven’t been great with this one. I’m getting between 3-4,000 steps on most days, so I’m close. Hopefully our weather will stay warmer…or at least less rainy…and I can resume taking lunchtime walks!

Goal #3 – Work on stress management techniques : I’m getting better about this one. I’m trying not to let things bother me so much, and I’m definitely feeling more balanced since sleeping more! I still haven’t tried meditating, but it’s on my eventually list!

Goal #4 – Drink 64+ ounces of water daily : This one is where I’m kicking butt! I have an app on my phone called Plant Nanny, and it has really helped with my water intake! I have to keep my plant alive by drinking enough water daily, and even though I’ve killed a few plants (RIP, plants 1, 2, and 3…), my current one is flourishing! Plus, a couple of my co-workers have downloaded the app, so we can share updates about our plants. It’s the little things in life, right?

Goal #5 – Decrease screen time : I’ve gotten a lot worse about using my phone or tablet more on the weekends and my off nights, so this one is a fail. I think I’m going to have to set some guidelines for myself. I should’ve done that from the beginning!

This month’s topic is to share our favorite natural wellness tips, and honestly, I’m coming up blank on that! I tend to be a “whatever works fast and I can find at the grocery store” kind of girl when it comes to wellness, so I can’t wait to visit the others in the linkup and see what their natural tips are!

Want to join in on a future Wellness Wednesday post? Here’s the schedule for the rest of the year! If you’ve got any natural wellness tips to share, click on the blue link below this graphic and join in. Be sure to visit the other blogs participating too!

Wellness Wednesday Schedule

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  1. Baby steps…yay for more water drinking. With warm weather and sunshine you can easily increase your steps. I find myself checking my steps constantly and making a few more trips upstairs or walking in the yard can help me boost my numbers.

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