Currently : August 2018


Following : Our monthly budget. We’ve been way too unfocused on our debt free journey for too long now. It’s time to get back on track!!

Ordering : Books and movies at work, which is actually stressing me out a lot more than I remember it doing when I had this responsibility several years ago! I guess since our collection is more current and has more items, I feel like I’m going to miss something major!

I’m also seriously debating ordering this dress as a belated birthday present or early “oh crud, it’s the start of the fall semester” present to myself!

Pinning : Morning routine ideas because I’m a hot mess and need to start getting to work earlier, and bullet journal ideas because I am borderline obsessed with the idea of doing a bullet journal in a travelers notebook in 2019. #plannernerdalert

Watching : Charlotte act like a ham! Her personality is exploding lately, and even though that comes with some difficulties in teaching her how to handle all of her emotions, it also comes with a lot of fun! I’m trying to take as many pictures and videos as I can so I can remember these days!


Counting : The remaining days of summer. The first day of the fall semester is 3 weeks from today (eep), and there’s still so much that needs to be done before then! My to-do list is ridiculously long, plus the library is going through a lot of renovations right now, so I’m stressed internally and externally! Don’t mind me if you find me curled up in the fetal position somewhere…

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5 Comments on “Currently : August 2018

  1. I love my bullet journal. it’s so fun to document that way. Know it will constantly change for you as you see what works & doesnt work for you

  2. Sorry you’re so stressed! It’ll all work out! Bullet journals are really fun though, so hopefully you can do one for 2019. I have a regular planner for most things, and then I use my Bujo for entertainment (books read, movies to see/did see, songs listened to, etc.) and I break it down by month.


  3. Hope you get to enjoy the remaining weeks of summer amidst the to do lists! And yes, I can’t help but pin any fun bullet journal things I see. My own is pretty basic/plain, but it’s so inspiring to see the creative ways people use theirs, and the lettering skills I totally wish I had.

  4. Hey, not sure how I had forgotten or never realized that you work in a library. I am assuming a school library. I am a retired librarian. Loved my job. Loved, loved, loved it. And miss it terribly.

    I remember the fun and stress of ordering new materials…wanting to get everything with a limited budget and hoping that what I order will appeal to my kids/students and teachers.

    I make a bullet to-do list everyday and whatever doesn’t get ‘did’ gets bumped to the next day. Really helps me prioritize what has to happen NOW and what can wait a few minutes. And I love putting a check mark by the things I accomplish. Some of them are so silly but I even add making the bed and feeding the kitties because I love to check them off!

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