Sentence a Day : July 2018

Recapping July, one sentence at a time!

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1 – Hello birthday month!

2 – We took Charlotte to the Science Museum today, and she had a lot of fun!


3 – Char and I stayed home today and had a lazy day!

4 – The Mr. Rogers movie was so good, but the migraine tonight was so not good.

5 – Back to work and reality!

6 – Forgot to write anything today!

7 – Forgot to write anything today!

8 – Forgot to write anything today!

9 – Forgot to write anything today!

10 – Forgot to write anything today!

11 – Office cleaning extravaganza!

12 – Phone interviews – day 1.

13 – Phone interviews – day 2 – and scheduling on-campus interviews for next week!

14 – Had brunch with a friend and friends over for games…fun!

15 – Picked up Char, went to visit Will’s mom and stepdad, then birthday shopping!

16 – Happy birthday to meeeeeeee!!

17 – So sore from taking Charlotte to the bounce place yesterday!

18 – I like my nighttime walks with Koopa!


19 – Our top candidate accepted the job offer!!

20 – Dinner with Mom and my friend who used to work with me…so fun!!!

21 – Puttering around with Will and Char today.

22 – Pretty productive day at home, but a certain little girl had a big tantrum today!

23- Stayed up too late last night, overwhelmed, exhausted.

24 –¬†Woke up with a swollen lip that went away after a few hours.

25 – My body has felt achy this week; please don’t be getting sick, Amber!

26 – Another swollen lip that popped up randomly at work; doctor says it’s an allergic reaction to “something.”

27 – Mom and I took Char to a luau party this morning, and she had so much fun!


28 РChar woke up at 5 AM this morning,  but thankfully she and I took a nap!

29 – Got Char some shoes with dinosaurs on them that I wish I had!

30 – My stinking lip swelled up again!!!!

31 – Did a lot at work today to prepare for our new guy starting tomorrow…tired!


And that’s a wrap for July! If you’d like to join in, click the button below and link to your sentence a day post!

Author: amberiam

I am Amber. Amber I am. I like to write things that sound like a Dr. Seuss book, evidently.

2 Comments on “Sentence a Day : July 2018

  1. What the heck with the lip? Isnt that crazy to wake up & just randomly have a new ache & pain. UGHHH!!!!!

  2. Char luau dress is spectacular. Love the colors. I bet she had a blast.
    What kind of position were you conducting interviews for? Glad your first choice accepted the job offer.
    Crazy to have a swollen lip out of the clear blue twice in the month. I am 60 so waking up with new aches is becoming my new normal.

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