TBB Asks : Getting Cozy

Today’s TBB Asks prompt is all about how I get cozy. Even though the high in Nashville today was 93° F, I have hopes that it will eventually start to cool down, and I can go into full Fall/Winter hibernation mode. Until then, I’ll blast our air conditioner, drink ice water, and pretend that I don’t feel like I’m walking through soup when I go outside…

  1. Slippers: Yes or No? Not usually. I typically just wear socks because if I take off my slippers and leave them anywhere that Koopa can reach them, then they’re goners!
  2. What is your favorite blanket? We have a dual electric blanket that my parents got us for Christmas a few years ago. I really like it because we can set our halves to separate temperatures, and it shuts off automatically.
  3. Thin or Thick pillow? Thick but I don’t like to pile up thin pillows to make a thicker pillow pile. It has to be a nice thick pillow…or else…ha!
  4. Favorite warm beverage? Pumpkin spice lattes, of course. Followed closely by caramel apple ciders and any kind of hot chocolate.
  5. Robe: Yes or No? Nope, but I do have a Snuggie, so I guess that’s basically just a backwards robe…
  6. Favorite comfort snack food(s)? Anything sweet. I have such a raging sweet tooth!
  7. Movies or TV Series Binge? TV series binge. I get too distracted to watch movies in one sitting!
  8. Actual PJ’s or leggings? Actual PJ’s. I actually have a couple of full out onesies that I wear way more often than I should. I’m sure Will really loves when it’s onesie season…
  9. Do you cozy up on the couch or a chair? On the couch, usually with Charlotte and Koopa next to me. Will has a recliner, but every once in a while, we’ll switch places.
  10. Hoodie, T-Shirt, or Sweater? Usually just a plain sweatshirt over a t-shirt if I’m not in the onesie, that is! 😉

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4 Comments on “TBB Asks : Getting Cozy

  1. I have a Snuggie that I use completely wrong! I put it around & put my feet thru a sleeve! I like my feet cozy but not too confined.
    Your dual electric blanket sounds awesome.

  2. We have an electric blanket with dual controls, too. Don’t think we used it last year but I freeze in the winter so think I will break that baby back out again.

    I should probably up my pajama game. Sure, I am a grandma and a retired librarian but I don’t have to wear the stereotypical flannel pjs you’d expect me to wear. Will start looking for something warm and cute!

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