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2019 Blog Goals

Hello and happy 2019! I hope you had a better New Years Eve than we did – ours involved a certain little girl who did not want to go to sleep, then did not want to stay asleep, plus the added bonus of neighbors shooting fireworks. Happy New Year, indeed.

Last year, I made some pretty audacious blog goals, and I ended up failing at all of them. I even failed at the mystery project that I can’t remember to save my life! I think I went in too high and then just stopped when I had some hiccups in life. That’s why this year, I’m going to simplify things a little bit and just have three goals : be consistent, be real, be involved.

Be consistent – I’m going to aim to post more than once or twice a month. Writing is such an outlet for me, plus it’s more productive and enjoyable than sitting hunched over my phone, scrolling through social media all night.

Be real – I’m pretty straightforward on here and never really try to sugarcoat things, but there are some things that I have been wanting to write about but have been scared because they’re not necessarily pretty. However, I think they could help some people, plus getting them out of my brain would help me. Also, I have plans to do a decluttering series on here, so I’ll be real with my messy house too!


Here’s a real mess for you. This is what it looks like when Christmas storage, laundry to hang up, and stuff to get rid of all collide and make a super mess. 

Be involved – There are so many great bloggers who stop by here and leave comments and words of encouragement. Sometimes I remember to respond, but I usually don’t. It’s time to be more involved with this online community and show gratitude to all of you who take the time to read my posts!

That’s it for my goals this year! I’m working on not over-complicating things in many areas of my life, so this is a good start for me. Also, I still want to pretty things up around here, but that will happen…eventually…

What are your 2019 goals – for your blog or otherwise? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Great goals! I think I will follow your good lead and write some goals on my blog FOR my blog. Would love to have you link-up with us for Sentence a Day or the bucket list posts. They are great fun.

    I have been sharing some less than pretty stuff about my mom on my blog. We have had a difficult road with her for 7 years. I don’t share it for any reason other than to be real and in the hopes of letting others who might be dealing with something similar know they aren’t alone.
    P.S. What to do a declutter link-up series together??


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