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21 Days to a More Disciplined Life: Day 11 (How to Find An Accountability Partner)

Yesterday’s exercise asked us to think about whether or not we had cheerleaders and potential accountability partners to help us reach our goals. I definitely do! Not only do I have my husband, but I also have my family (including my parents, brother, and in-laws!) and a couple of close friends who will keep me on-track and motivated if I ask for help. How did everyone else do with thinking of potential accountability partners?

If you had trouble, you’re in luck because finding an accountability partner is the focus of today’s chapter. Paine suggests starting with local friends and family to see if anyone would like to join you in keeping each other accountable to one specific goal on a regular basis. She also says that if you can’t find anyone locally, ask friends online through social media or any other online groups you’re a part of. She even suggests looking for online support groups for the goal you’re working on, which is a good idea for some of my future goals where I may need support from people going through that specific phase at that point.

The exercise for this chapter is to find a local or online accountability partner and create a specific plan for how each of you will hold the other accountable to your goals. Work out details like how you will communicate and how often you will check up on each other.

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