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21 Days to a More Disciplined Life: Day 15 (Say "Yes" to the Best)

Day 15 already! Wow! I can’t believe that we’re wrapping this up next week. As I said yesterday, I plan to do another series like this after the first of the year. If anyone has any suggestions for books or topics, please let me know.

In yesterday’s exercise, Paine asked us to think about what things are hindering our success in following through with our goals and what steps we can take to set us up for better success. I think one of the biggest things that’s hindering my success is my negative attitude. As you may have seen in a couple of these posts, I’ve been a little negative towards this book because the premise isn’t quite what I thought it was, and I thought it should’ve done X, Y, and Z, and it doesn’t really seem to be helping me, etc, etc. Thankfully, a couple of lovely ladies have gently steered me back onto the right path and have helped me get rid of that “stinking thinking” (I know, I know, but I love things that rhyme). So, I guess the steps I can take to set myself up for being more successful are just to go back through the steps Paine suggests, remember to take things slowly, and not get discouraged if I feel like my progress is slow or nonexistent. Also, I can reach out to those around me for guidance and straightening out if I need it! Do any of you want to share your hindrances or tips for overcoming them? Don’t be shy; what you say may be really helpful to someone else! 
Today’s chapter is a tough one for me since I’m a bit of huge people pleaser. Paine starts out her chapter by saying the same thing, and I’d guess this is a pretty common theme for a lot of people. However, Paine points out that every time you say yes to something, you have to say no to something else, and that something else may be more helpful to your goals than what you’ve said yes to. She says that when you try to do it all, you’ll end up frustrated and depleted, so your best strategy is to really consider the cost of each commitment before you make the final decision of whether or not to participate. I’m getting much better about this than I used to be, but I still have a ways to go! 
The exercise for today has two parts:
1. Evaluate all the activities and commitments on your plate right now. Choose one that really doesn’t matter or isn’t helping you move closer to your long term goals, and get rid of it. If it’s something that involves other people, make sure you don’t just walk out on them without tying up all the loose ends first.
2. Make a habit of saying no more often than you say yes. The peace and order you’ll begin to experience in your life will be well worth the initial difficulty of actually saying no. 
This is going to be a tough exercise! Hope it goes well for all of you following along

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