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30 During 30: Month 1 Update (July 17-August 16)

This month has flown by! I’m sure I’ll say that every month though. Maybe that’s just how it happens when you’re 30! 😉

I completed a goal already! I finished writing and sending the wedding thank you cards (goal 22) on August 11. 1 down, 29 to go, right?I’ve added the list to the left sidebar so I can mark out goals and put the completion date instead of having to update the original entry.

I have made some progress in a couple of others also. I’ve been doing research on goal 6 (learn how to really study the Bible), and I’ve been better about doing a daily devotional/bit of quiet time. We also went on a date night (goal 18) on July 28. It was technically more of a day date, but I’m counting it anyway! I’ve also started a posting schedule for one of my blogs (goal 25), worked on my online website and portfolio (goal 29), and sent off the application for the website design certificate courses (goal 30). Phew!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post how I’m breaking down some of these goals, such as memorizing the Bible verses, losing that pesky 40 pounds, and remixing my wardrobe. As weird as this sounds, I can’t wait to dive into these goals!

Does anyone else have any goals they’re working on, or any tips on how to break them down into more manageable steps?

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