in letter, old navy

A letter to Old Navy

Dear Old Navy,

When did you decide to suck? You used to be my favorite store. Like super favorite, even more than Goodwill favorite. You were affordable and trendy and had a great selection of short length pants. Then something changed. Your quality started to decrease a little bit. That was okay because you were still relatively affordable. Then your short length pants disappeared, except for on the website, which didn’t help me much when I was standing in the store looking for new work pants. Then you got expensive, and that was the final straw for me, or rather, it should have been the final straw. I still shopped there, but I grew increasingly frustrated at your prices and terrible quality. This morning was my super final straw though. I bought some Rock Star Super Skinny Denim Leggings (also, your names of clothes are stupid, but that’s a side note) back in December. I’ve only worn them 10 times, maximum. They’ve always been washed in cold water and dried on the lowest setting. When I put them on this morning, I discovered that they’re a good 1-2 inches shorter than they were the last time I wore them. It’s ironic that a store that doesn’t carry short length pants produces clothing that shrinks to such an awkward length. It’s not just the pants that I have a problem with either. Everything I’ve bought from there starts pilling after the first or second washing so it looks like I’ve had it about 10 years even though I just bought it (and paid too much for it). So this is it. Our relationship is over. You can try to lure me with promises of half off clearance (which really means that it’s already half off when it’s on the clearance rack, not half off what the tag says. Thanks for that one) or whatever siren song you have, but I’m done with you. I can’t justify spending what I do for things that look terrible after one or two wearings. Good luck to you. I’m sure I’ll pine for you when I see your brightly colored ads full of happy-looking people, but then I’ll remember my disappointment when I got dressed this morning and saw how short my pants were. That’ll ease my pain and keep my wallet fuller. Maybe someday you’ll realize that your customers are fed up, but I doubt it. For every person like me, there are at least five others who still love you. Rely on them to spend the money that I won’t be spending anymore. I’m going back to my beloved Goodwill. It may not be trendy, but at least it doesn’t try to pretend it’s anything that it’s not.

A former customer

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