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A Review of Kroger Skillet Meals

On a night like tonight-cold, rainy, and nearing the end of another busy workweek (after a short holiday week)- the absolute last thing you want to think about is what you’re cooking for dinner. But, if you’re like us, then you don’t want to blow your money on another mediocre fast food meal or resort to eating grilled cheese. Luckily, Kroger Skillet Meals came to our rescue! 
Kroger Skillet Meals are a handy, ten-minute solution to the nightly dinnertime dilemma. They come in a variety of flavors, but we tried the chicken stir fry flavor. The instructions were extremely easy, and the meal really did cook in only ten minutes! That’s such a refreshing change from some meals I’ve cooked that are still cold or underdone even after cooking them the recommended amount of time.  
The skillet meals have several servings in a bag (forgot to check how many, but I want to say three), so they’re filling on their own. However, we decided we wanted a little extra with our dinner, mainly so we could have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunches. We decided to make Kroger brand garlic bread and a Kroger Fresh Selections house salad along with our stir fry. I know garlic bread and stir fry might seem like an odd combo, but it was delicious! The salad was great too! My husband is not a huge salad eater, but he polished his off! I’m sure the bacon, cheese, and ranch on it couldn’t have hurt.
The husband’s plate  

I did not check the ingredients list or nutrition information for any of these items, but I suspect they’re pretty much in line with similar products, so those who are very health conscious may want to sit this one out. I did notice that everything tasted “real”, meaning it didn’t have a frozen or fake taste like you get with some frozen dinner kits. If you’re interested in trying the skillet meal, garlic bread, or salad, let me know because I have a few coupons to hand out. (I also have some coupons for a few types of Kroger Home Sense cleaning products: laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets, disinfectant wipes, and fabric refresher spray. I don’t have time to do a product review blog on those items, but they’ve impressed me so far).

Overall, this isn’t something we would eat every night, but we both enjoyed the taste of the meal. I would like to try a couple of other varieties also. I can’t speak for the price since I received coupons to try these products for free (see disclaimer below), but Kroger brand items are generally pretty reasonably priced. Give the Kroger skillet meals a try, and let me know what you think! Leave a comment and tell me what you tried and how you liked it. Also, leave a comment if you’re interested in receiving a coupon to try the skillet meal, garlic bread, and salad at a discounted price!

Disclaimer: I received a free Kroger skillet meal of my choice, free Kroger salad kit, and free Kroger garlic bread as a BzzAgent, but all opinions above are my own!

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