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I started this post about 10 months ago and never finished it. As I’m going through my drafts and trying to get the blog ready for “maternity leave”, I discovered this one again, and it really hit me tonight. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed about getting the nursery “ready”. There are so many things that need to be put away, hung up, and made just right before she arrives. But, in reality, she doesn’t need 90% of the items I’m stressing about. We don’t need 90% of what we have either, but that’s another post for another day…

Original post, drafted on June 9, 2015:

I recently heard a radio campaign trying to raise money for Guatemalan children. In the campaign, they stated that a $50 donation could give the child food for a year and water for life.

If you’re like me, you can waste $50 (or more) on practically nothing throughout a month. A trip or two to Starbucks here, an order off of Amazon there, and before you know it, you’ve frittered away the money that could save a child from being hungry for a year or thirsty for life.

For. Life.

Think about the circumstances that brought you to your current lifestyle. If you’re reading this, you have Internet access, a device to read it on, and the knowledge to be able to read. All three of those things are not available to everyone.

We have been abundantly blessed, even if we don’t always feel that way. It’s so easy to get caught up in pressures and negative thoughts and forget that people all around the world would gladly trade lives with us in half a millisecond.

I’m guilty of it too. Just a couple of weeks ago, I got mad at our dog for jumping on me and getting muddy paw prints on my shirt because I had to find another shirt that would match my outfit. Never mind the fact that I’m fortunate enough to have a dog, a home with a muddy backyard, and enough clothes that I could choose another shirt. Let’s not forget the equipment that we also possess that magically cleans mud out of clothes.

I know I’ve written similar posts to this, and chances are, I will write more in the future. I think all of us need constant reminders that we are very, very fortunate, blessed, lucky, whatever word you want to use to describe our lifestyles.

And, if my guilt trip wasn’t enough for you, here’s a video from a couple of years ago that might help dig the knife in a little deeper.

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