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#Achieve2017 : February

Argh! I meant to have this post up last Sunday, but life happened, including a death in my husband’s family, so I’m behind on everything (except for Wednesday’s Currently post since it’s pretty short and sweet).

Before I talk about February’s challenge, let’s recap January’s challenge, which was no restaurants or coffee shops. So, did I make it? Sadly, the answer is almost but not quite. There were a couple of stumbles, particularly after a difficult week for our family, but overall we did better than usual, so I’m giving us a B+ for January.

Now, without further adieu, February’s challenge is…

Improving Relationships!


February is the month of love, but that doesn’t necessarily have to only mean romantic love. It can also encompass the love you have for yourself, family, friends, and yourself, as well as a general love of doing nice things for strangers. Plus, since we’re in kind of a funky time in the United States where it’s so easy to get into arguments about things, I thought a little extra love couldn’t hurt anything!

Since it’s already February 5, you have a couple of options if you’d like to participate in this challenge : A. Just pick 23 items from the list instead of doing all 28, or B. Continue this challenge into March and have a couple of days with overlapping challenges after the March challenge starts. You could also do a couple of overlapping days in February to finish by the next challenge. Look at all of these options!

Here is my relationship improvement list. If you’re not married or dating someone or in a romantic relationship, replace all references of spouse with a friend or family member. I also didn’t include anything to build relationships with children because our child is still a little too young to do these things for, but feel free to mix in your child(ren) for some of these items!

  1. Compliment your spouse publicly
  2. Send a note to a friend
  3. Email or message someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  4. Buy your mom or dad a coffee
  5. Do a chore that your spouse hates to do
  6. Call your grandparents
  7. Don’t say negative things about anyone for an entire day
  8. Spend a couple of hours by yourself doing something you wouldn’t usually do
  9. Go on or plan an unusual date with your spouse
  10. Introduce yourself to one of your neighbors if you don’t know any of them
  11. Tell someone you admire them or something about them
  12. Send out old school paper valentines to friends
  13. Tip someone who accepts them but who you normally don’t tip
  14. Go to dinner with your sibling(s)
  15. Bring your coworkers a Valentine’s Day treat
  16. Have a conversation with someone you see every day but don’t really know
  17. Let someone in front of you in line
  18. Send your future self an encouraging note (use to schedule it)
  19. Make your family’s favorite dinner
  20. Hang out with someone you haven’t seen in a while
  21. Let someone merge at the last second, even when it annoys you to no end
  22. Comment on someone’s blog post (you’re welcome to do that here hahaha)
  23. Don’t write that brilliant comeback to that person’s political post. Seriously.
  24. Ask your coworkers if there’s anything you can to do help them with projects
  25. Send a dumb meme to your sibling
  26. Let your spouse sleep in one morning
  27. Help someone out at the grocery store who has his/her hands full
  28. Compliment a stranger

There you have it! I’ll edit this post and mark items out as I complete them. If any of you participate in part or all of this month’s challenge, let me know by using #Achieve2017 on social media or use the button above to share on your blog, social media accounts, etc. Also, look for March’s challenge earlier than on March 5!


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the death in the family. This is a great idea for the month of February. I’m single but I could definitely try and do a lot of these with other family members and friends. I love the idea of giving physical valentine’s to friends.


    • Thank you. It was a rough week last week!

      On a lighter note, let me know if you end up giving out valentines to friends! We have a secret pal program at work, and my pal gave me a box of Star Wars valentines, so I have a weekend project! =)


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