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Amber Can Read : July 2018

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Amber Can Read

I’ve posted before and said you can tell what kind of month I’ve had based on how many books I’ve read (and by how often I blog, but that’s another post). With that in mind…

Books read this month : 1

Yep. One measly book. I’m not proud of myself either haha.

We had two people leave at work in early June, and for a four-person staff, that’s a big blow to our structure! I’ve been a lot busier, so when I come home, I’m ready to give my brain a break! I think it’s getting better though because we’re in the hiring process for one of the positions.

Here’s my book, which was an Erin 9.0 selection, so at least it was a productive pick!

1. A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

This was a cute book! It’s a love story told from fourteen different viewpoints! At first, it was a little overwhelming to sort out who was who, even with the character headings and notes, but once I caught on, I was hooked! Recommended for fans of YA and fluffy romance books.

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  1. One book is still great progress. I had a goal to read at least one book a month but I’m way behind. Let me know if you have any tips to stay on track with reading goals.


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