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Amber Can Read : November 2017

Amber Can Read

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Hello! I broke my writing streak on Monday because I felt awful. I don’t know what the problem was, but I think I’m (mostly) on the mend now!

Time to talk about books!

Books read this month : 10!!

This is like the pre-marriage, pre-motherhood Amber level of reading! And none of these were children’s books or picture books. I don’t know how I managed this total!

Book 1 : Beauty and the Beast : Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly

This was one of my two Beauty and the Beast themed books for the Erin 7.0 Reading Challenge. I really liked this one! It is a retelling of the classic tale, but there are some familiar elements in it.

Book 2 : Dogs and Their People by BarkPost

This was a book from the people who created BarkBox. It was another Erin 7.0 challenge book. I thought it was really cute!

Book 3 : How I Got My Wiggle Back by Anthony Field

I’ve mentioned a few times here and in real life that Charlotte really loves The Wiggles right now. So, when I saw this in the public library’s eBook collection, I was pretty intrigued. The first half of the book is really interesting. It talks about how the group was formed and some of their earlier days, including Anthony’s struggles with chronic pain and depression. The second half of the book is pretty much all about his treatment regiment and was kind of boring honestly. I think it should by my life’s mission to write a good biography of the past and current Wiggles…

Book 4 : Heavier Than Heaven by Charles Cross

I’ve seen this one pop up in a couple of these linkups, and it has usually had good reviews. This was a really extensive biography of Kurt Cobain (lead singer of Nirvana). Nirvana was one of junior high/high school bands of choice, and this book really gave a lot of background about his life, how the band was formed, and the struggles they faced even after they were famous. I’m glad I saw this one mentioned!

Book 5 : Wonder by RJ Palacio

Oh man. I picked this one up because I was going to participate in another book-related linkup, but I missed the deadline on it. However, I absolutely LOVED this book! I can’t wait to see the movie and see how some of the scenes were interpreted!

Book 6 : Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman

I liked the cover and description of this one, so I checked it out. There were a few things about embracing the season of motherhood that you’re in that made me cry, especially since it’s been a bit of a roller coaster lately around here! (#toddlerlife). 

Book 7 : The Underneath by Kate Appelt

This was my final Erin 7.0 challenge book, and it was just weird. It was not at all what I expected. I read it in a night because it had short chapters and because I didn’t want to waste more precious reading time than I needed to on it!

Book 8 : The Recovering Spender by Lauren Greutman

I used to read Lauren’s blog pretty regularly but stopped for some reason. I enjoyed this book, especially because it kind of goes along with the budgeting class I’m in right now. Some of her insights really hit me in the face because I could see myself and my behaviors in them!

Book 9 : Dot Journaling by Rachel Wilkerson Miller

I’m obsessed with planners and ways to make myself look a lot more organized than I actually am. Of course, now I’m obsessed with a new way of tracking. Thanks a lot, book.

Book 10 : Confessions of a Domestic Failure by Bunmi Laditan

I was really excited to read this one, and it (mostly) did not disappoint! I thought the ending was a little disappointing, but otherwise, it had me laughing out loud! She left it open for a potential sequel, so I’ll be curious to see if she does anything with it.

Linking up with Steph and Jana (their new logo for this linkup is fantastic too!). They’re going to have two linkups in December! This one will be on the 12th, and then they’re also planning to talk about their favorite books of the year on the 26th. I’ve got to start my list right now!

Read any good books lately? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The Dot journalling book sounds interesting! I really liked Lost in a Book and LOVED Wonder. Cannot wait to see the movie. That Wiggles book is interesting!!


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