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AmberIAm 2018 in Review

Hey, remember at the beginning of the month when I said that every post I wrote this month would mention how I couldn’t believe the year had gone by so quickly? Now, I get to say it one last time for 2018! I can’t believe it’s almost 2019!!!

Last year, I did a year in review post to show how the ol’ blog space had performed over the prior 365 days. I liked that idea enough to do it again this year, so here we go!

Total blog views : 3,463 – an improvement from last year! It’s small, but I’ll take it!

Most active 2018 month based on views : February (839) – not bad for the shortest month of the year!

Ten most-viewed posts this year :

  1. Love Stories Blog; Hop – 68 views
  2. Amber Can Read : March 2018 – 62 views
  3. Amber Can Read : July 2018 – 60 views
  4. Amber Can Read : February 2018 – 58 views
  5. Currently : April 2018 – 52 views
  6. Hi, my name is Amber – 48 views
  7. Wellness Wednesday : January 2018 – 44 views
  8. Currently : August 2018 – 44 views
  9. Slogging Through Blogging – 43 views
  10. Currently : July 2018 – 43 views

My favorite post of the year : A letter to my daughter

That’s another year of blogging in the books…or on the computer…ha! Stay tuned for my 2019 blog goals tomorrow. Have a safe and happy night, and I’ll see you next year! 😉

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  1. Happy new year, doll! And good riddance to 2018. My blog saw a slight increase in visitors this year, too, I think. Not sure I interpreted the data right but going to run with that! Here’s to a great blogging year and much happiness and good health in our personal lives. How ’bout those Currently posts being so popular. Anne is on to something. Come join us for Sentence a Day!