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An Ideal Fall Day in My World : A TBB Talks Linkup

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This week The Blended Blog is asking what a Fall day in my world looks like. Let’s start by¬†pretending for a minute that it’s actually Fall-like outside and not 80+ degrees with 1,000% humidity right now.

Okay, now that we’re in the Fall spirit, we’re going to turn this into an ideal Fall day in my world, since most of my Fall days just involve going to work, and honestly, who wants to read about that?

So, my ideal Fall day would be cool – probably in the upper 60s – and everyone in the house would sleep late (until at least 9…how wonderful would that be?!?). After we woke up and got ready, we would go get breakfast somewhere.

Our next few stops would involve going to Fall festivals, outdoor markets, anywhere outside where we could walk around and see all kinds of different things (and to get some pumpkin coffee, of course). When we finished going to those places, we would come home and go out in the back yard for a little bit. Charlotte would play on her play set, Koopa would run around like crazy, Will would watch the kiddos, and I would lay on a blanket and read…or nap! Hey, if we’re talking about the ideal day, I’m going all out!

When we were ready to go inside, Will would make dinner while I gave Charlotte a bath. After bath time, we would eat dinner together, then I would put Charlotte to bed. I don’t know what the rest of the night would hold – maybe some writing, maybe reading some more, or maybe even going to bed super early – but it would be the perfect end to my ideal Fall day!

Admittedly, this one was a little tough to write. We don’t really have “typical” Fall days during our weekends since it depends on what else is going on. Hopefully the other bloggers in this linkup are able to describe their days better than I was able to!


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