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Currently : July 2017


Documenting : House changes! I’ve got a “before and after” post scheduled for early August, and I can’t wait to share the progress.

Accomplishing : House changes…yep, same answer twice in a row. #creative #original 

Enjoying : Getting things arranged in the new house so we’ll have a fresh start once we move in.

Reading : I’ve been trying to start one of my reading challenge books for a couple of days now. Maybe tonight will be the night for some reading!

Spending : Lots of money! Flooring, appliances, paint, miscellaneous things that keep popping up. At least we have the money to spend on these things!

Want to participate in next month’s linkup? Join Anne and Shea on August 2 and talk about what you’re currently snacking (on), anticipating, borrowing, admiring, and purchasing.

Linking up with Anne and Stephanie

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Guys Behind The Blog : June 2017

I’m behind on posting this! #movingproblems


I’m so excited to be doing this linkup again! It’s always fun to hear from Will!

1.) What is your summer beverage of choice?
Iced coffee, water, or a cold beer
2.) The ocean…are you a fan or not?  Why? Why not?
W : The ocean’s fun, but I haven’t been there since I was a kid. But, it’s fun to relax on the beach.
A : I haven’t been in a while either, and I would like to go back soon. But you know, we’ll never relax while someone little is with us…
3.) Tell me what the perfect summer day with your family would look like?
W : Picnic in the park
A : Really?
W: Yeah, just nice and relaxing
A : Sorry, I didn’t mean to question your perfect day. That just caught me off guard. Carry on.
W : That’s it
A : That’s it? That’s a long picnic.
W : You know it’s just the whole spending time with you guys.
4.) What was your best summer vacation ever? Why?
I don’t know because they were each different and special in their own ways. I’ve been to Florida numerous times and camped in a bunch of different places. And even the road trip out to Vegas…each thing had something different.
5.) What is the perfect summer temperature for you?
Outside – 75, low humidity, and a nice breeze (three things that hardly ever happen during a Tennessee summer…)
Inside – icebox cold

The next linkup is on July 27. Here are the questions if you want to participate:
1.) What is your least favorite thing about summer?
2.) What is a must have for summer for you?
3.) Grilling..only for men?  Favorite mean to make on a grill?
4.) What’s your favorite thing to do after work on a summer evening?
5.) What’s one summer project you’d like to accomplish before the season ends?
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Life Lately : Volume 4

  • WE’RE MOVING IN THREE DAYS!!! How do we have so much stuff?!?
  • Why do companies still make you call them? It’s 2017 and chat software is not expensive! Quit making me talk on the phone to change my utilities, ask a question about my bank account, or the six thousand other things that shouldn’t require going through a twelve layer voice menu that tells me to listen carefully as the following options have changed…
  • And while I’m being snippy, can I talk about how much I don’t enjoy listening to people in my neighborhood shoot fireworks? Of course, I’m an old lady, and I don’t want anyone to have fun, so I’m probably in the minority on this one.
  • I’ve got one more post scheduled for this week (Guys Behind the Blog! Woo hoo!), and then I’ll be “gone” for a few days while we get things going at our new place. I plan to do a before and after post at some point.
  • I have been working on posting more consistently and have a rough schedule for July already. One thing I’m debating is changing Fit Friday to a monthly post instead of a weekly one. Thoughts or comments anyone?
  • Sonic doesn’t have mint flavoring anymore. Sad day. One of my favorite drinks there was water with strawberry, lime, and mint. My mom told me about the combo, and it was delicious! I tried it with mango instead of mint, but it just wasn’t the same. Yet another reason to quit going there (you know, along with poor service, inconsistent food that sometimes tastes good and sometimes is still cold when it shouldn’t be, and those two ridiculously stupid guys in their commercials).Until I boycott them completely, I’m open to new drink suggestions, especially water flavors.
  • Check out the picture below. Cutest little girl in the entire world!!
How does she get cuter every single day?

What’s new in your life lately?

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The Daily Dime : June 2017

I’m nosy. I love reading “day in the life” posts or seeing those “what’s in my bag” features in magazines. When I saw a linkup called The Daily Dime where you take 10 pictures throughout your day and share them on your blog, I knew I was in!

These pictures are from last Wednesday. It was a little bit of an unusual day because Will and I were invited to join a couple of our friends and their family at an Escape Room to celebrate the husband’s birthday. Charlotte had a mid-week sleepover, so the last few pictures aren’t a typical weekday for us, but I still wanted to share!

One//Around 7 AMIMG_20170614_064559Look at Charlotte’s ridiculous bedhead!! Someone in my baby group on Facebook said they felt like her hair has grown about 5 inches in the last month. I agree!

Two//Around 10 AM

IMG_20170614_095644We decided to initiate monthly staff meetings with our boss. Our situation is a little weird because we report directly to our university’s Provost instead of having a library director as a liaison. We thought that monthly meetings would help keep him updated on what we’re doing. We even made agendas and takeaway sheets for him. Librarians mean business!

Three//Around 11:30 AM


Okay, I’m cheating a little here because my mom sent me this picture as opposed to me taking it, but I couldn’t resist including it because LOOK AT THE SWEETNESS!!!

Four//Around 1:30 PMIMG_20170614_133730A couple of departments at work started something called Bystander Intervention Training. They had an information session today and handed these out. I think it’s going to be very useful for the students, and I’m glad I’m part of it.

Five//Around 5:15 PM

IMG_20170614_171800I met Will after work so we could drive to the Escape Room, which is about 45 minutes from our house. Or 37 hours away during rush hour traffic, give or take a few minutes…

Six//Around 5:30 PM

IMG9523221Cheating again because this is another one my mom sent me. Charlotte is experiencing the wonder that is Blue Coast Burrito’s fruit tea. Yum! Plus, she decided that she doesn’t need no stinking sippy cup. She’s a big girl!

Seven//Around 8 PM

IMG_20170621_171657_01We escaped! It was so much fun!! Let’s note my awkward face in this picture and how close I’m standing to the birthday boy, instead of my husband. I have no idea why I posed like this! Sorry for being so awkward N and J!

Eight//Around 9:45 PM

IMG_20170614_214332Koopa is the most jealous dog in the world! He always squeezes between us on the couch. Yes, we see you, buddy.

Nine//Around 10:15 PM

IMG_20170614_221004I wanted to show how photogenic I am at the end of the day hahahaha. You can also see at least one stain on my shirt. I should always wear dark colors.

Ten//Around 11 PMIMG_20170614_225844Finally bedtime! I’ve gotten hooked on puzzles on my iPad because I’m a 95 year old. I usually will work on one before I go to sleep until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Party. Animal.

I hope you guys enjoyed a peek into my day! If you want to join in next month, visit one of the blogs I’m linking to below for more details!


Linking up with Kristin, Kristy, Kerry, Chelsea, Sarah, Jennifer, and Courtney

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Book Review + Two Reading Challenges

Several months ago, I received a review copy of Head First! A Crash Course in Positivity by Steve H. Lawton in exchange for an honest review. I usually don’t take nearly this long to read review copies, but life just kept getting in the way of this one!

In this book, Lawton starts out by talking about his near-fatal skiing accident that occurred in 2014. As he tells the story of his recovery process, he talks about the eight positivity principles that he believes helped him nearly fully recover in a short amount of time.

I’ll admit, when I started reading this, I was having a pretty meh week at work, so I didn’t approach it with the best frame of mind. That being said, I still enjoyed it and found a few takeaways about how my attitude and thinking can affect my mood. Lawton includes several exercises, at least one per principle, that readers can use to integrate the principles into their own lives. That will be helpful once I can sit down and go through them and give them some thought.

Overall, I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars. I’ve been trying to be more conscientious of not giving everything 5 stars because as I’m reading more, I’m finding that only a few things are worthy of that top prize!

Now, on to the reading challenges!

The first challenge I’m doing is called the Book Challenge by Erin 7.0. She explains it on her blog, but the basic premise is that from July 1 – October 31, you need to read as many of the 10 books you’ve selected from the categories she provides. All books must be at least 200 pages long, and you can only use one book you’ve read before. Everyone who finishes the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a small prize, plus the first three people who finish will contribute categories to the next challenge. She also has a Facebook group that looks like it’s pretty active.

Here are the categories and my selections:

  1. Freebie – Read a book that’s at least 200 pages – Love Story: A Novel (The Baxter Family) by Karen Kingsbury…she is my guilty pleasure author for sure!
  2. Read a book that starts with the letter “B” – Beastly (Kendra Chronicles) by Alex Flinn
  3. Read a book that has a (mostly) yellow cover – The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae (I don’t know much about her, but I heard an interview with her on NPR and thought she was hilarious)
  4. Read a book that has a picture of an animal on the cover – Dogs and Their People: Photos and Stories of Life with a Four-Legged Love by Morgane Chang
  5. Read a book that was published in 2017 – The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (I’ve read so many reviews that recommend this one. This is the book I’m most excited to read).
  6. Read a book with a compass or cardinal direction in the title – Heisman’s First Trophy: The Game that Launched Football in the South by Sam Hatcher (this is about my undergrad alma mater!)
  7. Read a banned book (since the challenge occurs during Banned Books Week) – The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
  8. Read a fictional book about mental illness – Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
  9. Read a book with a non-human main character – The Underneath by Kathi Appelt
  10. Read a book a Disney movie was based on or a book based on a Disney movie – Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly

Some of these I chose because I’ve been wanting to read them, and the others I chose because they were available at work! #frugal #broke

If you want to join in this challenge, choose your books and join the Facebook group to let Erin know what you’ll be reading.

The other reading challenge I’m participating in is a little easier if the idea of 10 books is overwhelming to anyone! It’s called “Quirky Blind Date With a Book”. For this challenge, fill out a Google Form by July 1, and then shortly after you’ll be sent a mystery eBook to read and review. If you’re a first time participant, you’ll only be able to select one book. They also have a Facebook group you can join, and they also award prizes to some finishers. If you do sign up and put me (Amber McKee) as the one who referred you, I believe that gives both of us an extra entry in the prize drawing!

This challenge requires using a Kindle or the Kindle App. If you don’t have a Kindle, then you can download the app for free here! I’ve got the app on my iPad, and it makes it easy to read while I’m trapped with a napping child! 😉

Phew! This was a lot to cover, but I hope it inspires some of you to check out Head First or to get involved in one or both of the reading challenges! If you do decide to do one of the challenges, let me know which one and which books you choose or get paired up with!

Disclosure policy – Sometimes my links are affiliate links. What this means is that if someone buys a product I mention on the blog by using that link, I’ll earn a few cents commission. This does not cost anything additional to the buyer, nor does it influence what I write about or how I review things. Plus, using affiliate links makes me feel like a real, grown-up blogger who may actually be able to write full-time someday. Any questions, comments, concerns, compliments, or suggestions about how I should spend my dollar bills? Leave a comment here, and I will respond as soon as I finish swimming in a pool of money from all of those affiliate sales.

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Fit Friday : Week 7

Another week, another weigh in…

(I’m seven weeks in, and I’m already running out of cheesy intros. For shame!)

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : -0.2 pounds

Overall total : -4.2 pounds

Part of me is excited that there was a loss, and the other part of me wonders if I should even share losses like that. Let’s be honest, I haven’t been working too hard at this, so the fact that there was any loss was just pure, dumb luck. On the other hand, it is nice to post a loss on here, even if it is pretty minuscule.

The good:

  • A tiny loss despite literally no effort at all.

The not-so-good:

  • See above about literally no effort at all.

I’m struggling so hard to get myself together. I do want to lose weight. I’m unhappy with how I look and I’m tired of being overweight. But, I’m just not putting in the work. Maybe it is being busy with our upcoming move. Maybe it’s just a touch of laziness. I’m not sure.

Goals for next week:

  • Start small – increase water intake to 64 ounces a day and decrease coffee intake to one cup per day.
  • Sleep! I’ve been staying up too late during the last couple of weeks. As a result, I’m dragging quite often, and that usually leads to an extra sugary coffee drink or something equally as bad for me. STOP STAYING UP SO LATE, AMBER.

Is anyone else working on losing weight or improving their health? Share your story!