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I am Amber. Amber I am. I like to write things that sound like a Dr. Seuss book, evidently.

Life Lately : Volume 10

Life has been difficult lately. There have been lots of stressful things happening, and it is turning me into a cranky, unpleasant person. This has to stop immediately. To escape my stress, I’ve been trying to catch up on This Is Us. I’m still on the last part of Season 2, but I have a question. I’ll …


TBB Asks : Party Time!

Today’s Blended Blog linkup is all about partying! Too bad this wasn’t last month’s TBB Asks since it was the greatest month of all (AKA my birthday month!) 1. Favorite birthday party as a child? This is a tough one! My parents gave me fantastic birthday parties! One of the coolest parties I’ve ever had was …