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Blog Every Day in May: May 14

Today’s prompt: Ten things that make you really happy

There are the really, super obvious things that make me happy, like Jesus, my husband, my parents, my brother, and the couple of friends I still have (ha), but there are other (sometimes weirder) things that I don’t talk about as much that my adoring fans deserve to know about, so in no particular order, they are:

1. When writing is easy: Sometimes I want to blog or do book reviews or whatever, but it’s tough. I can’t think of the words I want to say, I get easily distracted, I get frustrated, I give up. But, other times, things are good. Better than good. My fingers are magically connected to the keyboard, and I’m on fie-ah (that’s how a Southern girl spells a word in a Northern accent). Those are the days when you sit at the computer for hours before you realize it.

2. The end of the workday, especially before a weekend or any other break from returning the next day: I’m fortunate to have a job but some days, you just don’t wanna be there. Am I right or am I right?

3. Winning things: For a while, I was on a hot winning streak. I won concert tickets, event tickets, items, etc. I can’t even remember what all I won because it was a season of plenty. Alas, the golden days of winning-hood are over.

4. Brownies: Especially now that I’m back in weight loss mode. They’re a rare treat in my world.

5. Changing out of sweaty clothes after a really good workout: Or should I say unsticking them from yourself? Ick.

6. When my husband is silly: I know, I know. This still kind of counts as talking about him, but I’m putting it on here anyway. I’m definitely the more goofy one of the two of us, so when he does silly things that he knows are going to make me laugh (particularly when I don’t wanna laugh and I’m making the “pouty face”), I just melt…okay, no more gushy stuff…

7. Tiny things that look like bigger things: Like dollhouse furniture, miniature food, or baby clothes. Seeing shrunken versions of things that are supposed to be big makes me giggle.

8. Getting to go “potty” (#1 or #2…I’m not nitpicking here) after you’ve had to hold it a long time:  Don’t even act like you’ve never experienced that.

9. Really green grass: One of our neighbors has the most beautiful yard I’ve ever seen. It even won “yard of the month” once in our subdivision (yes, we live in a subdivision that gives out a “yard of the month” award. Sigh). I don’t know what they put on their grass to make it so green, but it’s true that the grass really is greener on that side of the fence. Ha.

10. Making unintentional jokes: Inspired by the last sentence of #9. Boo-yah.

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