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Blog Every Day in May: May 24

Today’s prompt: Your top 3 worst traits


1. Procrastinator: As someone who works in a college library, I’m always fussing at students for waiting until the last minute to work on assignments. I have uttered the words (more than once) “we could’ve gotten that resource for you if you had given yourself more time.” Little do they know that I am a procrastinator just like them. I have pulled multiple all nighters. I have worked on homework for one class while in another. And the procrastination didn’t stop once I finished grad school. I have waited until the last minute to do things like cleaning, which brings me to number 2.

2. A smidge lazy sometimes: I’m a stash and dash girl rather than a white glove inspection kind of housekeeper. I’d rather lay around and be lazy than to scrub, mop, etc. Now, that’s not saying my house is filthy, but if you go into the spare bedrooms, you’re taking your life into your own hands.

3. Negative self-talk: I mentioned this on Monday, but I’m so, so, so bad about being mean to myself. I say things to myself in my head that I would be horrified to hear someone say aloud to someone else. And that’s worse than all of the procrastination and laziness combined.

Guess I’ll go work on something I’ve procrastinated on for a while…like unpacking and cleaning the spare bedroom!

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