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Blog Every Day in May: May 25

Today’s prompt: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

When I was in college, I worked as a membership associate at a gym. Basically, that meant that I kept the welcome area clean, scanned membership cards, greeted members and potential members, etc. Since I had pretty consistent hours, I knew a lot of the regulars who came in. I would always try to make small talk with them and go above just saying hello. On every shift, we had a wellness staff person also who was supposed to help members with equipment and other workout-related tasks. One day, a regular came up to the counter and asked me for help with something on the other side of the gym. I thought it was weird, especially since the wellness staff person was on the floor at the time, but I thought he just didn’t want to disturb the wellness person. When I got to the other side of the gym with him, he admitted that he didn’t need any help and just wanted to get me away from the counter because he had something important to tell me. I will never forget what he said next.

“God is proud of you.”

That man nearly brought me to tears that day! I had been struggling with a lot of things but had recently decided to try to renew my walk with God and be a more faithful Christian, so for an almost complete stranger to give me that message just confirmed that I was doing the right thing. At the time, I was purely selfish and so glad to hear that message that I didn’t think about how brave and bold he was to be able to convey this to me. He was clearly following God’s instructions to him and completely unconcerned with how I would react.

I know there have been times since then that God may not have been too proud of me, but I keep that close to my heart and know that He is proud of me and that He uses others to convey His messages. I also use that as a reminder to keep my ears open for what He may want me to tell someone else because you never know how you might brighten someone else by being obedient to His Words!

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