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Blog Every Day in May: May 31

Today’s prompt: A vivid memory

Oh goodness. I tend to vividly remember lots of things (and completely disregard others). Hmm, since I’ve talked about my husband/wedding quite a bit this month, let’s shift gears and talk about another family member: my little brother.

My brother and I are 8 years apart. I remember asking my mom for a brother, sister, or puppy. She chose a brother. 😉 He was born in September. On the day he was born, my aunt picked me up from school, and we went to Sonic. I think I had a chocolate malt. I also think I punched my straw through the styrofoam cup, but that could’ve been another time. We went to the hospital next, and a lot of my family members were in the delivery room waiting. I very vividly remember my mom yelling my dad’s name at one point. Now that I’m getting close to that point in life where we will have children, that part scares me a little terrifies the crap out of me!

I don’t remember when I saw him for the first time or holding him or even when he came home, but I remember the things leading up to it. I guess that Sonic drink was more memorable than my brother! Ha!

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