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Book Review: Together: A Journey in Godly Marriage

Together: A Journey Of Godly Marriage (Christian Female Book 2) by [Coleman, Sarah]

I read “Make Yourself Amazing” and really enjoyed it, so I had high expectations for this book. I was especially interested in this one because it’s a short read and since having a baby, our marriage has changed, so I wanted to see if she addressed anything like that here. Unfortunately, this book did not live up to my expectations. It felt very scattered and unfocused. Coleman touched on things that I found interesting, such as an analogy between making sure you back up your technology and your marriage, but she didn’t go into any detail about how to back up your marriage, so it left me wondering why she brought it up. She also painted a very flowery, almost romance novel version of marriage. She married later in life (at 31), and I got married at 29, so I understand that it’s going to be different than it would be for younger people, but it makes marriage seem unrealistic. It’s easy to think marriage is the greatest thing in the world when you and your husband are on a road trip adventure across Australia; it’s another thing when you’ve been up and down all night with a baby and your husband tells you how tired he is the next day. That’s where the digging down deep comes in. That’s where your marriage is tested and refined. That’s where you have to be more Christlike and use every ounce of Christian discipline you have not to wring his neck.


I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, and I have been hesitant to post anything because I don’t like leaving negative reviews, but there was so much potential here. There were so many more things that Coleman could’ve delved into and developed in order to make this a broader, less romanticized view of marriage. Yes, a godly marriage is going to look different than a secular marriage, but reading this book makes me see how people think that if they’re not living this life then they must not have a godly marriage. At least that’s what I felt like a few times while reading this. All in all, I would say skip this one unless you’re looking to read a real life love story that may or may not encourage you in your own marriage.

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