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Breaking the habit

I haven’t written in nearly a year, despite my initial enthusiasm and my Google Doc full of posting ideas. There’s a number of reasons why I haven’t, but I know one of the main ones is because I’m too busy…wasting time on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m really tired of being addicted to those sites. And yes, I do feel that I have an addiction. Just look at what time it is (2:30 AM). I’m still up because I’ve been playing Facebook games. It’s so stupid. I’m working on two Masters degrees and have a ton of work to do, yet I’ve spent much of my weekend playing on Facebook (and reading other people’s blogs, but let’s just deal with one problem at a time…). I’ve written in other places about how addicted I am, but I’ve never done anything to stop it. Enough is enough. I’m locking myself out, low-tech style. This sounds so dumb, but I’m going to change my password to some long, random chain of letters and numbers (most likely, I’m going to just smash my fist across my keyboard), and then I’m going to write that chain down and give it to a family member to hide. It seems like such a simple yet convoluted solution, but I think it’s going to be the one that saves my academic future and forces me back out into the real world. I’m 27. I’m not a teenager. I need human contact. I need to shut my computer. I don’t care if some person I went to high school with likes this song lyric or some person I barely knew in college got to a new level in some other crappy game. I need to get my own life together (and post more here). I want a life again. This is just pathetic, and I’m sick of it. So like all good pursuits, Monday will begin a new Facebook and Twitter free existence for me, at least for a few weeks. Who knows? I might like it so much that I’ll never go back…

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