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Can We Talk About Racism?

[Amber Note : This is waaaaay outside of my comfort zone, but it’s been on my heart quite a bit lately. I’m not going to apologize for it though because I really feel compelled to write about it. If you disagree with what I say, that’s your choice, but I refuse to engage in any kind of debates about this topic. And for those of you that don’t want to read anything heavy, I promise to be back to frivolity in my next post.]

I am white.

I had never really given my whiteness a second thought.

I always made sure to point out the black friends that I had, as though that made me less white. But I never fought for them. I never thought I had to. Until now.

Regardless of your political, religious, or whatever other affiliation, I think we should all be able to agree that what is happening right now is unacceptable. Why is it suddenly “acceptable” to be racist? Why are white people emboldened to make death threats to black people who make comments about their discomfort in certain places? Most of all, why do I feel so helpless to do anything about all of this?

I debated a lot about writing this. I don’t really know that this has a point, other than to just clear my own head. I said back in November that I was tired of being silent, and yet I so easily slipped back into being silent. No. More. I still plan to be 99% fluff around here, but that 1% will be my real voice. That 1% is my small way to start doing better and to stop feeling so helpless. Who’s with me? 

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