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Blog Every Day in May: May 31

Today’s prompt: A vivid memory Oh goodness. I tend to vividly remember lots of things (and completely disregard others). Hmm, since I’ve talked about my husband/wedding quite a bit this month, let’s shift gears and talk about another family member: my little brother. My brother and I are 8 years apart. I remember asking my …


Blog Every Day in May: May 28

Today’s prompt: Only pictures Presenting my long weekend via smartphone pictures… (Commercial break…contents of my Influenster Spring Fever Vox Box. Post coming soon!) Also, I hadn’t linked up in a few days even though I’ve been doing my posts daily. I’m all caught up now, so take a look at May 24-27 if you have …


Blog Every Day in May: May 27

Today’s prompt: A letter to your readers Dear readers, Thank you for being a friend. Nah, forget the Golden Girls ripoff. Thank you for reading, commenting, favoriting Tweets, and all of the other cool stuff that you do. Also, thank you to those who are blogging and creating more great content that I can read. Blogging …