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Learning to Finish What You Start

Why do we fail to finish? One reason is that we’re making our goals too lofty. Instead of starting with a small goal, like completing a 5K, we immediately dive into the deep end, headfirst, with no lifeguard on duty, and say that we’re going to complete a triathlon. We create elaborate plans for how we will reach these goals, and then the minute one tiny piece of the plan is off track, we abandon it faster than it takes to spell triathlon. 

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Book Review: Together: A Journey in Godly Marriage

I read “Make Yourself Amazing” and really enjoyed it, so I had high expectations for this book. I was especially interested in this one because it’s a short read and since having a baby, our marriage has changed, so I wanted to see if she addressed anything like that here. Unfortunately, this book did not …

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Jesus Helps Me Book Review

I recently received a copy of Jesus Helps Me to review in exchange for my honest opinion. The book, written by Callie Grant and featuring art by Missi Jay, goes through the Bible verses John 12:44–47. Grant offers an explanation at the beginning of the book about how birds are signs of the loving God who made …

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Mama Needs A Do-Over Book Review

I recently received the opportunity to review Mama Needs a Do-Over by Lisa Pennington. Pennington, a blogger and the mother of nine (!!) children offers ten steps that mothers can use to reset themselves and their children when everyone is having a hard day. I liked that her chapters were full of personal anecdotes and scriptural references. …

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The 5 AM Miracle: Book Review

I have a little problem with punctuality. (Stop laughing, everyone who knows me in real life…). I always think that I can get “just one more thing” finished in the mornings before I leave for work, but that one more thing turns into five other things, and it’s almost inevitable that I leave at least …