The great closet experiment: A wrap-up

My two month experiment in not shopping, getting rid of clothes, etc. has been over for almost 2 weeks now, but I’m just now getting around to recapping it. So, how did I do? Well, these were my original parameters:

1. Wear every piece of clothing I own at least once- including workout clothes, undergarments, pajamas, etc.– I failed at this one. I branched out some, but I still had a tendency to wear the same things over and over again, especially workout clothes, undergarments, pajamas, etc. This parameter made me think that maybe this should be a longer experiment- 6 months?

2. Get rid of things that don’t look great on me or just feel “eh”– I did better at this one. Since I’m getting married in March and moving into a new house, I’m trying to be more ruthless about what’s going to come into my married life. I think that and this experiment helped me be much more inclined to toss things that I didn’t like into the Goodwill bag instead of holding onto them.

3. Immediately get rid of anything that’s stained, torn, has holes in it, etc.– I only came across a couple of things with loose hems (an easy fix for some but not for me!), so those got thrown into the Goodwill bag. This one is a good rule to follow.

4. Be creative– I did okay with this one. I tried to put together pieces that I normally wouldn’t have thought of together (check out my fashion blog to see some of these examples). I’m working on getting better with this one, especially since I’ve been getting a style magazine in the mail unexpectedly. I guess the universe knows that I’m interested in fashion and style and gave me a gift subscription…

5. No purchasing new (or new to me) clothes for at least two months– Failed miserably on this one. Part of it was having to get new to me pants since my work pants from last year were too big. Part of it was just blowing money. Argh. This one definitely needs to be given another shot…

Overall I did okay on this, but I think I can do better. I may revisit this after the wedding and turn it into a longer experiment- perhaps June through December 2013, that way I could encompass a few different seasons. I’ll keep working on steps 1-4 though!

The great closet experiment: One month follow up

I’m one month into my two-month experiment to wear everything in my closet and not buy more clothes, and so far, I’m doing eh on it. I’ve been wearing things that I haven’t worn in a while, and I’ve gotten rid of a few things. I’m doing better about planning my clothes in advance, but even when I look at some of the outfits I’ve worn (and post on my new fashion blog that I’m behind on maintaining), I’m not super thrilled about what I’ve put together. I know some of that comes from being frustrated with my weight, but I think some of it also comes from not having good basics in my closet and from just buying things haphazardly without any thoughts about what they will go with.

Also, I’ve bought a few new and new-to-me items. I went to the Under Armour outlet and got a new workout t-shirt and pants, and last week, one of my neighbors had a yard sale, and I bought a few things from her. She has fantastic clothes that I can wear to work, so that makes it okay, right? Okay, okay, I’ll work on this a little more.

I love clothes, but I am starting to realize that I have a lot of uncoordinated pieces. I also don’t really have a style, so it makes it difficult to really shop. I browse and buy instead of shopping with a purpose, and it’s bad on my wallet and my space. Plus, I’m not really sure what looks flattering on me, so I buy things that I think are cute, but may not really look good on me when I wear them in real life. It’s hard being a girl.

I have one more month of this experiment, but I do intend to wear everything in my closet. We’re just now starting to experience autumn-like weather, so I have a lot of winter items that I haven’t yet worn. I will continue trying not to buy too many items either, but we’ll see how that goes!

The great closet experiment

I think I’m on a self-improvement kick lately that I’m sure has nothing to do with getting engaged, turning 29, and having extra time after finishing grad school!

My latest kick is the closet experiment (not to be confused with the sad, never started nor completed bedtime experiment that will someday hopefully come around again). As some of you may know, I LOVE shopping at Goodwill. I think it’s because I’m cheap frugal and you can get a lot for your money. As a result of that and the habit of looking at clothes in every store I go in, I have acquired a large amount of clothing.

Having a lot of clothes wouldn’t be so bad if I actually wore all of them, but I don’t. Like most women, I frequently feel that I have “nothing to wear” and rely on the same pieces quite often, even when they’re not the most flattering things. So, I’ve decided to conduct “the great closet experiment.”

The parameters:

  1. Wear every piece of clothing I own at least once- including workout clothes, undergarments, pajamas, etc.
  2. Get rid of things that don’t look great on me or just feel “eh”. I’ve been watching a lot of What Not To Wear lately, and one of their basic ideas is that you shouldn’t wear anything that doesn’t make you look and feel great because there are options that will make you look and feel your best.
  3. Immediately get rid of anything that’s stained, torn, has holes in it, etc. This comes from me wearing a shirt to work recently that was a missing a button…in the middle of the shirt (I know a button can be sewn back on, but honestly, it would be a hassle to find the same button and I would probably take way too long to do it).
  4. Be creative- there are a lot of fashion blogs out there that pair things together that I would’ve never thought worked, but they do. I need to work with what I have, and I may find that I have more than
    enough. I also may find that there are some staples that I am missing.
  5. No purchasing new (or new to me) clothes for at least two months. This one’s definitely going to be the most difficult to follow because I buy lots of things. But, it will let me save money, and it will help me keep from cluttering my closets with things that may not fit, since I’m on a weight loss journey.
I’ve already started working on items 1-3, but 4 and 5 are starting today, which means that I’m on a shopping freeze until October 18. I may try to post some follow ups to this on here, but since I’m not the best at maintaining this blog, it may not happen. I will post the final results in October though! Wish me luck!