It’s Fall!!

We’re almost two weeks into fall now, and I’m so excited! I know that everyone and their mama loves fall, so I’m just glad to be part of the cliche. When I started trying to figure out why I loved fall so much, I came up with a few reasons:

1. Candles: For some reason, I don’t like to burn candles during the summer. I’ve done it before, but generally, I don’t like to think of having an open flame going when it’s already fifteen million degrees outside. Also, if I burn candles that smell like food, it makes it seem like I’m domestic and wife-ish, instead of just acting like I’m covering the smell of burned ground beef.

2. Shaving less often: I think all of the ladies (and any man that shaves his legs…no judgement…) can appreciate this one. I bet our water bill will be cheaper too…

3. Pasty white legs get to hibernate: Ever since I quit going to the tanning bed a couple of years ago, I’ve not been able to get my legs to quit being a glowing shade of white, somewhere between the shade of milk and glue. I’ve tried tanning lotion, but I don’t always blend it in evenly. There’s nothing worse than looking down and seeing a dark brown streak on your ankle that makes it look dirty. So glad to put those legs away for a while!

4. Football: I don’t know much about football, but I’m learning. I’m more excited about harassing people when their teams lose. Also, UT and the Titans are doing fairly well, so for this year, I’m a football fan.

5. Not sweating every time I walk outside: Between walking the pup and going to and from my car during the summer, I glistened straight up sweated buckets every time I went outdoors. Summer is nice if you can lounge around in the pool; otherwise, keep me indoors! Now that it’s fall, I can spend time outside and be comfortable. My clothes, skin, and the people around me appreciate that.

6. Pumpkin lattes: Yes, I’m one of those people. I’m not limited to loving just the famous, starts-with-an-S-coffeeshop kind either. I’m an equal opportunity pumpkinist.

7. Cardigans: As a librarian, I think it’s some kind of requirement that I like cardigans. Luckily, I liked them even before I started librarianing, so I’m set! I know you can wear them year round, but they’re just better in the fall.

8. Tights: They cover stubble and white legs, plus you can get them in so many different colors. It’s the little things in life, right?

9. Bonfires: Not to sound like an arsonist, but I love how fire looks. I can stare at fire for hours! Bonfires are nice in the fall because they keep whatever side of you is facing the fire toasty warm and the other side freezing cold. It lets me know how my food feels while I’m cooking it.

10. Halloween: I don’t like the scary parts because I’m a wimp, but I love watching Linus wait for the Great Pumpkin, seeing babies, children, and pets in costumes, and eating candy (even though I need to lay off the candy ha ha)

11. Thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas: I know that the holiday season is stressful, and it’s tough to balance visits to two sets of families, but I love how people are just nicer around Thanksgiving and Christmas. And, there’s food. Always food… ;-p

12. Leaves: I’m not responsible for yard work, so I can enjoy leaves without worrying about raking them! The main reason I like the leaves falling is that they’re a free chew toy for the puppy. Plus, it doesn’t gross me out like it does when he eats worms!

Any other fall fans out there? How about fall haters? Fall does make my allergies worse, so that’s one strike. I’ll take it though, since I can wash down my allergy pills with pumpkin coffee!