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Five Favorites

Five Favorites : March 2016

No pictures today because, well, I was too lazy to go searching for them. Gotham : It had gotten really cheesy and kind of gross but is starting to come around again and be more clever. Of course that means the season will probably end before I’m ready for it to. Walmart online grocery shopping: …

Five Favorites

Five Favorites : February 2016

Happy Leap Day! Although little girl needs to cook a while longer, it would’ve been so cool for her to have a Leap Day birthday! I didn’t publish anything last week, but I noticed that my post from two weeks ago didn’t link to Facebook, so if you’re interested in reading a semi-sappy love post …

Five Favorites

Five Favorites : January 2016

  Snowmageddon 2016 edition! Last week, we got snow and ice on two different days. On Friday, our total accumulation was 7 inches! If you’re reading this from the Northeast, feel free to give me a virtual pat on the head and say whatever your equivalent of “bless your heart” is. For all of my …

Five Favorites

Five Favorites: December 2015

The Peanuts movie Such a cute movie! But, I do wish that Charlie Brown would hang around some nicer people. Linus and Snoopy are a good start, but he could do better! 2.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens I won’t post any spoilers, but wow! I didn’t know how much I would like it, so I …

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Five Favorites: July 2015 (and a giveaway!)

Since my last two posts were a little heavy, I decided to start a new feature here on the old blog called Five Favorites. It’s a pretty self-explanatory feature, but just in case you’re feeling a little slow today, I’ll explain it. On the last Monday* of every month, I’ll list five things that I really …