Five Favorites : March 2016

No pictures today because, well, I was too lazy to go searching for them.

  1. Gotham : It had gotten really cheesy and kind of gross but is starting to come around again and be more clever. Of course that means the season will probably end before I’m ready for it to.
  2. Walmart online grocery shopping: Grocery shopping while sitting on the couch in pajamas (okay, I guess I could’ve gone there and been in my pajamas)? Saving money because I’m not putting extra junk in the cart? Being able to avoid taking a newborn to the store (in the future…planning ahead and all)? Making a list of things that my husband can pick up without sending him down “those aisles”? Yeah, I’m sold.
  3. Reese’s Eggs : Something about the egg shape and limited availability makes them taste better…
  4. Crocs : Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life.
  5. Reminders app on phone : My brain can’t remember anything unless I record it immediately. Since I always have my phone with me, it’s so much easier than writing things down and then trying to remember what random notebook or page in my planner I used. Plus it’ll remind me at certain times or when I get to certain places. Thanks, digital brain!

Five Favorites : February 2016

Happy Leap Day! Although little girl needs to cook a while longer, it would’ve been so cool for her to have a Leap Day birthday!

I didn’t publish anything last week, but I noticed that my post from two weeks ago didn’t link to Facebook, so if you’re interested in reading a semi-sappy love post dedicated to my husband, check it out!

Now, on to this month’s favorites (which seem to be all pregnancy related…oops)!

  1. Minnetonka moccasinsKILTY HARDSOLE (WOMEN) | 406 | Red | 5

    I’m reaching the point in this pregnancy where it takes a good five minutes to put on a pair of boots. I’ve always loved moccasins, but now I love them even more because I just have to step into them, no bending over or extra movements necessary! I’ve got a few colors already, but now I have my eye on red ones and navy ones (size 7 in case anyone is curious…)

  2. Zantac

    If the legend about heartburn and the amount of hair a baby is born with is true, then this baby is going to look more like our dog than a human! Thank goodness for Zantac!

  3. Nashville Moms BlogNashville Moms Blog
    In case you’ve missed any of my other shameless plugs, I’m one of the newest contributors to the Nashville Moms Blog! I’ve only published one article there so far, plus I was introduced with the rest of the new contributors, so check it out!
  4. Epsom Salt
    After I finish a tough workout, like putting on boots or walking upstairs, I’m generally sore and tired. Some nights, I like to take an Epsom Salt bath, and the Dr. Teal’s Soothing and Sleep kind is my favorite because it smells so good! Of course, the next workout I have is trying to maneuver myself out of our tub…
  5. Valspar Cathedral Stone paint
    We love this color! Considering the nursery was purple and green before (two walls of each…yep…), almost anything would’ve been an improvement! This color went on really smoothly and didn’t even require a primer. It’s a nice medium gray, so it’s a good neutral background color for our planned Star Wars theme. I’ll be posting a nursery tour in March just in case anyone is curious about what a girly Star Wars nursery looks like!

Is anyone else in shock that it’s almost March already?!?

Five Favorites : January 2016


Snowmageddon 2016 edition!

Last week, we got snow and ice on two different days. On Friday, our total accumulation was 7 inches! If you’re reading this from the Northeast, feel free to give me a virtual pat on the head and say whatever your equivalent of “bless your heart” is. For all of my fellow Southerners, let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that we made it through (relatively) unscathed!

I absolutely love being at home, and since our local police department deemed our roads treacherous, they asked everyone to stay home and limit non-essential travel. Can do! During our snowcation, here were some of my favorite items:

  1. Electric blanket 

A couple of years ago, my parents got us an electric blanket for Christmas. I’m a hot-natured person, but my husband tends to run a little colder than I do at night so he was more excited about it than I was! This blanket is Biddeford brand, and it’s fantastic because there are dual controls! He can crank his side up, and I never feel a bit warmer! Plus, it has an auto shut off feature, so if you’re freezing when you get into bed, it’ll warm you up but not make you wake up feeling like you’re on fire.

2. Torani syrup

Something about all of the snow made me want hot chocolate (and muffins and cookies and brownies and well, everything in our kitchen…). We started adding Torani S’Mores syrup to dark chocolate hot chocolate, and it was delicious! They have a Salted Caramel flavor also, which I think we need to purchase very soon!

3. Pillow with arms 

I’ve always heard these referred to as “boyfriend pillows.” Has anyone else ever heard that, or am I just crazy (don’t answer that mom or husband!). In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten into a habit of taking naps on our couch. My nap game was particularly strong over the weekend. This pillow is nicer than a regular pillow because it keeps me propped up a little bit, which helps with the heartburn from all of the hot chocolate I’ve been drinking. Even when I’m not napping, it makes sitting on the couch even more comfortable, and who wouldn’t enjoy that?

4. Panini maker 

We got this for Christmas from my parents, and this was right up my alley! Since we were good Southerners and bought bread before the snowstorm, we had plenty for me to make sandwiches. Bacon, avocado, and cheese is my favorite, and I highly recommend it. 😉 This is Hamilton Beach brand, and it’s extremely simple to use, so I have a feeling like I’ll be making myself a lot of paninis during those 2 AM feedings in a few months!

5. Tervis tumbler 

My husband picked out a Tervis tumbler for himself for Christmas, and then I received one from my in-laws, so we’re now a two Tervis family! I had heard of them before and seen them in a lot of stores (including a Tervis store in Pigeon Forge), but I never understood why they were so popular until I started using mine. I really like that I can leave water in it overnight and it doesn’t have a plastic taste the next morning. It also keeps my cold drinks cold. I haven’t ventured into hot drinks in it yet, but I bet it keeps them warm too! Plus, there are about 15 million designs, so you can get one with just about anything you want on it. Bonus- it looks like they’re made in the USA also, so three cheers for the home team!

What are your snow day favorites? We discovered that we need new snow/rain/ice boots, so that may make a future list! 🙂


Five Favorites: December 2015

  1. The Peanuts movie

Such a cute movie! But, I do wish that Charlie Brown would hang around some nicer people. Linus and Snoopy are a good start, but he could do better!

2.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I won’t post any spoilers, but wow! I didn’t know how much I would like it, so I was pleasantly surprised after watching it. I usually can’t follow the Star Wars movies and find myself getting distracted, but this one held my attention the entire time. Highly recommended!

3. Washi Tape

I’m late to the party, but I’m getting into this whole planner decorating and crafting thing. Maybe this baby girl is bringing out the girly side in me! Washi tape is fantastic and cheap. I’ve got enough to last me for a couple of years, and yet I keep looking at more. Craft party, anyone? 😉

4. Motherhood Maternity stores


This store is a little pricey for me unless I hit the clearance racks or have a good coupon, but it’s worth a stop every time I go to the mall because it has a bathroom in it. A bathroom! And it’s clean! Do you know how rare that is in the mall?

5. Christmas!

I know, what an easy, throwaway one to use, but it’s true! I love Christmas! I think it’s only going to be more fun from now on too since we’ll have a little person around to celebrate with us.



Five Favorites: July 2015 (and a giveaway!)

Since my last two posts were a little heavy, I decided to start a new feature here on the old blog called Five Favorites. It’s a pretty self-explanatory feature, but just in case you’re feeling a little slow today, I’ll explain it. On the last Monday* of every month, I’ll list five things that I really liked during the previous month. Easy enough, right? 😉

*Or on the last Tuesday if my computer doesn’t cooperate on the last Monday…

Here are my inaugural five!

1. Old Navy linen-blend boyfriend tees

Picture of woman wearing bright pink shirt

Picture from Old Navy website

Old Navy’s quality is hit or miss, but I really like these shirts! Thanks to a birthday coupon and a sale, I have a few of these now. They’re thin but not too opaque, and I can wear them to work or on the weekends. Yay for versatility! They run a bit big, so they are great for when you are feeling a little fluffy, or when it’s a million degrees outside and you don’t want anything clinging to you.


2. Watermelon agua fresca

Picture of watermelon agua fresca picture

Yum! Link to the recipe below

I L-O-V-E watermelon and could eat it with every meal. Since I’m the only one in the house that eats it, it’s sometimes tough to eat all of it before it goes bad. After volunteering at an outdoor community event last weekend, I wanted to cool down but didn’t really feel like eating anything. I looked up recipes for watermelon drinks and found the a recipe on the Iowa Girl Eats website. I didn’t have any mint, and I didn’t strain mine at the end, but it was still delicious!


3. Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

Two silhouettes running with the words Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition written below them.

I’m working on getting healthier and losing weight. I’ve gained about 40 pounds since we got married just over two years ago, and I was already technically overweight then. Yikes!! Sometimes the weight loss process can be frustrating and tiresome. I’ve started watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition on Hulu as a bit of extra inspiration. Unlike other weight loss shows that will go unnamed, the people on EM don’t spend time on a “ranch” exercising for hours a day and severely restricting themselves. They live their real lives for the most part (they do spend some time away from home, but they’re not cut off from the outside world), and it’s a year-long process. It’s nice to see that it’s possible to make big changes even in the midst of real life. Did anyone see Pearls’ episode recently? She did an amazing job!


4. Fitbit Charge HR

Picture of a black Fitbit Charge HR tracker against a white background.

Picture from Fitbit website

I’ve been on the Fitbit bandwagon for a few years now, and this is the third one I have. Unlike the past two, it’s a wristband, rather than the type that clips on to your waistband. I think that is so much more convenient because it doubles as a watch also. We went ahead and got the version with the heart rate monitor, but I’ve got friends and family that have the version without it and enjoy it just as much. I really like participating in challenges with people I know. I haven’t won one yet, but my day is coming!


5. To The Sea by Callie Grant

Book cover with an ocean scene and a boy in the sand. The title of the book is in white letters at the top of the page.

Doesn’t that cover make you want to go to the beach immediately?

I received this book to review a while back and just had the opportunity to read through it. It’s a children’s board book and super short, so that tells you how scattered I’ve been lately! It’s a short story about a young boy’s trip to the beach. The publisher’s website categorizes it as “a Praise book which celebrates the soul-pleasing wonders of God that children experience everyday.” I love that description! It’s an easy read and beautifully illustrated. It also made me want to go to the beach, so does anyone want to contribute to a beach trip for us? 😉

The best thing about the book though is that I have a copy to give away! I won’t always have something to give away during my five favorites, so take advantage of this!

To enter, leave a comment below and tell me what one of your favorite childhood books was and how to contact you if you’re the winner. I’ll announce the winner back here next Monday, August 3. Good luck!