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Fit Friday : Week 7

Another week, another weigh in…

(I’m seven weeks in, and I’m already running out of cheesy intros. For shame!)

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : -0.2 pounds

Overall total : -4.2 pounds

Part of me is excited that there was a loss, and the other part of me wonders if I should even share losses like that. Let’s be honest, I haven’t been working too hard at this, so the fact that there was any loss was just pure, dumb luck. On the other hand, it is nice to post a loss on here, even if it is pretty minuscule.

The good:

  • A tiny loss despite literally no effort at all.

The not-so-good:

  • See above about literally no effort at all.

I’m struggling so hard to get myself together. I do want to lose weight. I’m unhappy with how I look and I’m tired of being overweight. But, I’m just not putting in the work. Maybe it is being busy with our upcoming move. Maybe it’s just a touch of laziness. I’m not sure.

Goals for next week:

  • Start small – increase water intake to 64 ounces a day and decrease coffee intake to one cup per day.
  • Sleep! I’ve been staying up too late during the last couple of weeks. As a result, I’m dragging quite often, and that usually leads to an extra sugary coffee drink or something equally as bad for me. STOP STAYING UP SO LATE, AMBER.

Is anyone else working on losing weight or improving their health? Share your story!

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Fit Friday : Week 6

Another week, another weigh in, let’s see how I’ve improved…or not improved…since last week’s post.

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : -0.8 pounds (hey, it’s twice as much as last week’s loss!)

Overall change : -4.0 pounds

We’re moving in the right direction, slowly but surely!

Keeping it short tonight because it’s late. We saw Wonder Woman earlier. Fantastic movie!! 

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Fit Friday : Week 5

As I promised in yesterday’s post, I am writing about my (not so) triumphant return to this series. Technically, this should be week 6, but since I missed last week, I didn’t want to get my numbering out of order and confuse myself later on. Yep, that’s legitimately what I worry about…

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : -0.4 pounds (a loss is a loss, am I right?)

Overall change : -3.2 pounds

Hey, I had a small loss! Not too shabby considering that I haven’t been paying attention to my food at all lately.

The good:

  • I haven’t gone to coffee shops as often (despite the picture I posted on Instagram yesterday…). Will has concocted a new iced coffee drink, and it’s really good!

The not-so-good:

  • I installed the Lose It! app on my phone. I evidently used to have an account, so when I recovered my info and updated my stats, it gave me an oh-so-helpful notice that I’ve gained 81 pounds since the last time I used it. 81. Pounds. Granted, I knew I gained around 50 pounds when I was pregnant, and I’m not sure when that weight was in there, but it was very sobering to see.
  • Weighing in at the doctor. It was annual checkup, and I had really hoped to be smaller at this point. Of course, you can hope all day, but if you don’t put any work into it, then nothing will change…


Since we’re moving later this month, I’m already finding myself starting to make excuses about why I can’t try to eat healthily and exercise until after we’re settled in. The truth is though that there’s always going to be some kind of life event that can derail me if I let it. There’s always going to be a birthday, a celebration, stress, life changes, sick kids, not enough sleep, etc. If I make excuses for everything, then nothing will ever change.

Goals for next week:

  • Start from scratch. Figure out what I’m trying to accomplish, set goals – little and big, and make a plan for my meals, exercise, and health for this upcoming week. — This is what I said on my week 4 update, and since I didn’t do that then, I’m going to repeat this goal!


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Fit Friday : Week 3

In this week’s installment, we ask if walking for 20ish minutes a day is enough to counteract three visits to a certain coffee chain that had a certain drink as a Happy Hour item, plus a few other visits to fast food places.

Spoiler alert, the answer is no, no it’s not.

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : +2.8 pounds (how is that even physically possible?!?)

Overall change : -2.8 pounds


The good:

  • I definitely was more active this week than usual. I went on walks daily, and my legs were sore, so I feel like that was a good indication that I wasn’t just casually strolling.

The not-so-good:

  • Everything else, yet again. I’m still reeling over that number…

I know that my eating habits are not great, but I guess this week and last week have shown me just how poorly I eat when I don’t track my food, meal plan, or, uh, grocery shop. I also definitely haven’t had enough water.

I’ve had a hard time being motivated to eat healthier and take care of myself. I don’t know if it is tiredness or what, but I just have this attitude of “I don’t care” lately. I need to sit down and figure out what my goals are and why I want to lose weight. I need to make my “whys” stronger than the desire to eat whatever sounds good at the moment and daily coffee shop visits.

Goals for next week:

  • Start from scratch. Figure out what I’m trying to accomplish, set goals – little and big, and make a plan for my meals, exercise, and health for this upcoming week.

Anyone want to share what keeps them motivated to stick with eating healthy?

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Fit Friday : Week 2

Time for another check-in!

Fit Friday graphic

You know how last week was a good start for my weight loss plan? Let’s just say this week was…not great.

This week’s change : +1 pound

Overall change : -5.5 pounds

So what happened? Honestly, I just got off to a bad start this week and never got myself back on track. I ate really poorly, didn’t pack lunches, didn’t drink enough water, and didn’t get enough sleep – which caused me to want sugary coffee drinks.


The good:

  • I did go for a walk a couple of times this week. I think that helped me only gain a pound as opposed to what I thought I would gain.

  • My husband will sometimes make coffee drinks for us in the mornings (we call it Willbucks hahaha). One day this week, he made my coffee, and it was delicious and healthier than normal! I was so excited because I had been drinking very blah coffee, and Amber needs her good coffee!!

The not-so-good:

  • Basically everything else. Seriously. I fell hard this week!

Goals for next week:

  • Go to bed at a decent time – being tired makes me want to eat more junk and drink more coffee drinks. Plus, when I’m tired, I don’t have the energy or willpower to make healthy food, track what I eat, or exercise.

  • Repeat my goals from last week – hit water goals, prep lunches, and try a recipe from my clean eating Pinterest board


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Fit Friday : Week 1

Woo hoo, it’s time for my first Fit Friday check-in!

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : -6.6 pounds!!

Overall change: -6.6 pounds

The first week’s loss when you start eating healthier is always so exciting!

The good:

    • I didn’t hit my water goals everyday, but I drank at least 64 oz. a day!


    • I planned out all of my lunches! I didn’t eat what I brought one day (see below), but I can live with that. I need a little more variety next week though!


    • I tracked every single bite of food or sip of drink that I consumed. MyFitnessPal can be a little judgmental (“you were supposed to stay under that amount of sugar for the day”), so it made me stop and consider what I was about to eat or drink before I partook.


  • I measured my food and serving sizes. I know you’ve probably heard this hundreds of millions of times, but what we eat and what an actual serving size is are pretty far apart. I’ll admit, there were a couple of times that I thought I’d still be hungry afterwards, but for the most part, I wasn’t.

The not-so-good:

    • My goals for the week included not going to any restaurants or coffee shops. I did go to a certain coffee chain a couple of times this week, and I had two restaurant meals – one after Charlotte’s checkup on Monday and the other was one day when I couldn’t handle eating my prepared lunch again. Both times I made better decisions than I have in the past though, so this is a half win.


  • We still ate some processed things that we had in the freezer. My eventual goal is to not have these items in our house.

Favorite meal this week:

Pizza eggs! I saw someone on Facebook talk about them, and I was intrigued. Basically, I just cut up a piece of chicken sausage and sauteed it with frozen peppers and onions. Then, I fried two eggs in coconut oil. I put the sausage, pepper, and onions on top of the eggs, then put marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella on top of everything. It was so good! The main key was that I only put a serving of sauce and cheese instead of it being a free-for-all. I also didn’t really taste the cheese, so I might leave it off next time.

Goals for next week:

    • Keep drinking enough water and aim for more days of hitting my goal (everyday would be the ultimate win!)


    • Meal prep lunches but with two different meals this time.


  • Try a recipe from my clean eating Pinterest board. I’m leaning towards a dinner or snack recipe since those are the two areas that are my biggest problems.

If you’re working on getting healthier, let me know how your week was or if you have any tips or recipes you’d like to share!