40 in 40: Getting Things Done During Lent

Even though I just posted about Lent, I read something after publishing it that I want to try. The concept is to knock 40 things off your to-do list in the 40 days of Lent. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I have a tendency to pile my to-do list with things that never get to-done. Unfinished tasks weigh you down, even if they’re little silly tasks that won’t really harm anyone if they’re incomplete. Plus, my to-do list is starting to resemble a novella, so it’s time to do something radical to knock items off (besides just declaring a clean sweep and starting from zero; I’m sure many of the items would make their way back onto the new list). I think this will also help me stay off of social media and games on my phone some because I will feel pressured not to let my fans down with another failed experiment (see the bedtime experiment, the closet experiment, and the weekly weigh ins as evidence). Some of my items can be completed relatively quickly, but some may take parts of the entire 40 days to slog through.

So, here are my 40 items, in no particular order:

  1. Repackage and return a dress I ordered from the UK: Completed 02/13/13 
  2. Clean out iTunes account- delete duplicate songs and things I don’t like
  3. Finish book tracking sheet (a complete nerd project)
  4. Find Amazon gift card: Completed 02/22/13
  5. Organize laptop- group files together, delete unnecessary files, etc.
  6. Organize work computer- group files together, delete unnecessary files, etc.
  7. Send out reception invitations
  8. Finish adding people to wedding website
  9. Clean out personal email- get to inbox zero, delete unnecessary folders and emails, etc.
  10. Clean out work email- get to inbox zero, delete unnecessary folders and emails, etc.
  11. Start planning women’s small group and organize first meeting
  12. Move (after getting married)
  13. Finish adding contacts to the phone I got before Christmas
  14. Finish writer website
  15. Finish librarian website
  16. Update resume
  17. Figure out what kind of technical certifications I want/need
  18. Document items for renters insurance purposes
  19. Sign up for renters insurance
  20. Get Internet at new house
  21. Get trash pickup at new house
  22. Deep clean car- vacuum, dust, windows, outside, etc.
  23. Do a volunteer project- either outside of church or with them
  24. Clear out saved tabs in Chrome
  25. Write and submit Booksneeze review for latest book I have (can’t remember title…)
  26. Get rid of all paper clutter in bedroom
  27. Clean off desk at work
  28. Catch up on writing other blog postings (cryptic, right?)
  29. Learn to put on eyeliner
  30. Catch up on magazine pile
  31. Finish loading clothes pictures in Style Book app
  32. Finish loading clothes pictures on Go Chic or Go Home site
  33. Organize jewelry
  34. Clean out guest bedroom in future home
  35. Try out yoga DVD
  36. Get paracord site up and going
  37. Talk to Dell about laptop problems
  38. Fix database problems at work: Completed 02/18/13
  39. Make a physical portfolio for writing samples
  40. Clean out/reorganize filing cabinets
Wish me luck! 

Thoughts on Lent

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Lent, a 40 day journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter. I can’t pretend that I know a lot about it as it tends to be practiced more by Catholics, but I do know that one characteristic of it is that you give up something for that time period. From what I understand, you’re supposed to give up something that keeps you from getting closer to Christ, but I think that many people just give up a vice, such as chocolate, coffee, or Facebook (mine last year).

I talked to a co-worker about it today, and I thought about giving up gossiping, but then I had an epiphany: I should not give up a harmful habit/vice just because it’s Lent; I should give it up because I want to improve my relationship with Jesus. 

So, yes, I should give up gossiping during Lent…and afterwards…and for the rest of my life. Yes, I should give up coffee if I’m in pursuit of it more than I’m in pursuit of my Savior. I shouldn’t have to have a designated time frame in which I give things up, only to pick them up again afterwards. I want to grow closer to Jesus. I want to do what He wants me to. I know what things are holding me back, and I’m going to work on them, with His help, before, during, and after this time frame, and I would encourage you to do the same.