A letter to my daughter

Dear Charlotte,

Lately I’ve talked to a few people about how you are turning two in April. It seems so hard to believe because it feels like this just happened yesterday :


But in reality, this is what just happened yesterday:


You’re growing up so fast. Some days it doesn’t feel like it. Some days I get frustrated, impatient, annoyed, and I just wish you could talk to me and tell me what was going on instead of pointing and crying and fussing. But then I’ll see a picture from a year or two ago and be reminded just how quickly time is going. I’ll realize that this is it. We’re not going to have any other children, so once these moments are gone with you, they are gone until we have grandchildren, if you choose to have children. Then, I just wish time would slow down for a few seconds, even when the seconds feel like hours.

Earlier tonight when we were in your rocking chair before bedtime, you reached out and put my arm around you. After that, you sighed, snuggled me, and fell asleep. That moment reminded me that there is going to be a day, probably sooner than I realize, when you don’t want my arm around you. You won’t want me near you. I’ll be embarrassing and terrible and won’t understand what it’s like to be your age (spoiler alert – you will realize, just as I did, that I do understand what it’s like). That looming future makes moments like tonight even more special.

I want you to know just how special you are to me. Motherhood hasn’t been easy for me so far. It has taught me things about myself that I wouldn’t have found out otherwise. I know that it will teach me a million more lessons like that, probably before you even turn three! However, for all of the tough moments we’ve had and will have, I wouldn’t change a thing. All of these experiences have shaped our lives together, and they will only continue to grow our relationship. I hope that you will read this one day and know how much I love you. Keep being my brave, strong, sweet, silly, sassy, smart, beautiful baby girl.



I don’t know what I had on my calendar to write about for today because we’re going through some kind of sleep regression from h-e-double hockey sticks (yeah I really did type that). She’s been getting up around 10:30 PM and nothing we try will get her back to sleep, so we have to ride it out with her, usually until around 3:30 or 4. The most fun part is that we usually haven’t gone to bed yet when she gets up. 

I love her, but I’m not loving this. 

Tips, advice, and coffee are all welcome. I’ll be back to whatever normal programming I have scheduled for tomorrow… hopefully! 

Five Favorites : November 2017

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Five Favorites

This month, I decided to talk about some of Charlotte’s favorite things. She plays with these things every single day!

1. “Snoop

I think my mom gave him that nickname, and it has stuck! Snoop is by far her current favorite toy and lovey. Sometimes we can hear her turn on his music at night! Lately when I go in her room after she first wakes up, she will grab Snoop and her favorite soft blanket and stand up so I can pick them up. This toy will be the reason we invest in rechargeable batteries!

2. AlphaPup

This was one of the first toys she learned how to turn off and on, and it fascinated her! I also heard her say the “buh” sound (for the letter B) for the first time while she was playing with this. She hasn’t quite connected the yellow bone and string as something she can pull to make it move, but she is starting to pet its ears and wag its tail, which is so cute!

3. Step and Play Piano

She got this for her birthday, and it has been a daily favorite ever since! At first, I sat her in the seat in the middle, and it was a lifesaver when I needed to contain her so I could get ready for work. As she got a little older, it was one of the first things that helped her pull to a standing position. Now she will move back and forth along the outside of it. Sometimes she stands in the middle of it (the seat is removable), and I call her mixmaster Charlotte. I don’t think she appreciates my sense of humor…

4.  A to Z Smart Pad

I had no idea what the real name of this one was! This was another birthday present that she loves! We keep it in her pack and play, and she likes to play with it while she’s enjoying a snack. It took her a little bit to figure out that the thing on the left side slides up and down, but now she does it all of the time!

5. Wiggles Keys

I don’t know why this picture is so tiny, but I was tired of fighting it to try to resize it! Char doesn’t actually have these, but they represent her love for The Wiggles. Hulu has the first two seasons of the new Wiggles, and we have streamed them approximately 17,462 times. But, I actually don’t mind them too much, and as a bonus, I’m learning all of the words. She loves them, and sometimes it’s the only thing that can stop a meltdown, so we will wiggle on! I included this particular product also because I wanted people to check out the price tag on it. For some reason, a lot of The Wiggles stuff on Amazon is expensive, but this is beyond expensive! Sorry Char. There’s no way we’re buying these for you!

Hope you enjoyed a look at Charlotte’s favorites! Like any good toddler, I’m sure she will change her mind about them soon, but for now, we’re enjoying her favorites!

How to keep your child’s sleep routines on track during the time change

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It’s Train Up a Child Tuesday! If you have no idea what that means, go back and read the intro post and learn all about it!

This month, Anna is sharing some tips about how to adjust to the upcoming time change that happens on November 5. Also, let’s give Anna a little extra applause this month because not only is her family in the midst of moving, but she also is pregnant with her second child! I was total mush when we moved, so I’m doubly impressed that she’s able to write coherent thoughts during this time in her life (and with pregnancy and mom brain! Anna is a rock star!!).

Welcome back, Anna!

Time change.png

As far as time changes go I’m not a fan for so many reasons. Number one being… why…? Why change the time at all…? I’m sure there’s some type of scientific explanation but I just can’t understand why we still do this to ourselves and our babies anymore.

Anyway this transition can be really difficult, especially in the fall, because when it comes to babies, they don’t understand that the time has changed. They still want to go to bed at the same time and they want to wake up at the same time that they’ve been waking up. So if they go to bed at 8 pm, it’s really 7 pm, and if they wake up at 7 am, it’s really 6 am. So here are a few tips to make that transition a little easier.

Tip 1 : Transition about 10-15 minutes at a time for naps, meals, and bedtime

So your daily routine will be pushed forward in the fall by about 10-15 minutes throughout the day every day until you are back on your normal schedule.

Tip  2 : Start the transition a few days before we fall back.

If you start to push things forward by about 15 minutes a few days before then by the time it comes you will almost be on track.

Tip 3 : Give it a good week to transition.

It will take time to get them transitioned a full hour forward from where they were, so like most things with parenting, it takes some time and consistency.

Hope these tips are helpful for your sweet babies. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to like my Facebook page Anna Bachelder- Train Up a Child and send me a message.

Thanks, Anna! I’m going to start on these tricks with Charlotte ASAP!